Bulletproof Web Design Matt 15 Aug 2005

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Bulletproof Web Design, the new book from Dan Cederholm of Simplebits, is out. It offers guidelines to help protect against worst-case scenarios with XHTML and CSS.

Each chapter starts out with an example of what Dan refers to as an “unbulletproof” concept — an existing site that employs a traditional approach and its associated pitfalls. Dan then deconstructs that approach, noting its downsides and then making the site over using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). By the end of each chapter, you’ll have replaced traditional, bloated, inaccessible page components with lean markup and CSS. The guide culminates with a chapter that pieces together all of the page components discussed in prior chapters into a single page template.

Sounds like a good companion to Defensive Design for the Web, our book on designing for when things go wrong.

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Ymian 15 Aug 05

Nice plug at the end.

Anonymous Coward 15 Aug 05

SvN is a promotion tool - yes, we get it, that’s why it’s on a company’s site. It has neat articles and links but they plug their product a lot - if you can’t stand it, pay to be a Kottke patron or something.

But please stop pointing out every plug, kthx.

Justin P 15 Aug 05

I’m still waiting on Amazon to ship mine, I figured they’d have shipped by now…

btw, I think it will be a good addition to the library too :)

John Peele 15 Aug 05

So 37S can place Google ads that plug everyone else’s products, but they can’t plug their own stuff?? Sheesh, guys come on. The Signals bashing is getting a bit tiresome. It is their blog for crying out loud, not “ours” but “theirs”.

Let them say what they want and stop giving them flak about it.

Jeff Smith 15 Aug 05

I just received an email from Amazon stating that my copy has been shipped. After seeing some of the images that Dan posted of the inside pages, I can’t wait to read it.

JF 15 Aug 05

BTW: We’ll be removing the Google ads once we launch our ad network later this year.

Mark 15 Aug 05

Hmm… how come some (37signals?) already have the book, others claim it being marked as shipped to them, and my amazon orders overview sez it’s going to be shipped on or after 22nd August?

Does Amazon first ship to american addresses, then the rest of the world?

brian breslin 15 Aug 05

ad network? wtf? jason hit me, i want some “detalles” as they say down here in miami.

Frank Manno 15 Aug 05


I don’t think so… I’m in Toronto (Canada), and received my copy last week. It may be because I pre-ordered the book (not sure if you have)… ?

Justin P 15 Aug 05

I pre-ordered my book in March and still have not received it, nor have I received an email from Amazon letting me know that it has at least shipped.

Justin P 15 Aug 05

For anybody out there who has not received the book from Amazon nor an email telling you it’s on the way, I suggest contact Amazon and asking them what is going on.

I did this today and they just let me know that there was a “technical difficulty” with my order and it has been corrected.

Now my book is on it’s way too :)

Mark 15 Aug 05

Frank: I’m in Switzerland, and I pre-ordered it end of July… maybe they’re working in a first-come, first-serve state?

Gonna mail Amazon…

Jeff Hartman 16 Aug 05

Mine came in the mail today.

Justin P. 16 Aug 05

Wow, comment spammers are getting tricky. I didn’t think people comment spammers did this stuff by hand anymore.

37Signals, you’ve got spam to attend to :)

Wesley Walser 17 Aug 05

Woah, I had to read the comments to find it Justin, I was expecting some crazy stuff about a product.

On another note, then book is a great (and easy) read, but for those who have been in the thick of the css stuff for a while the new points are few. It’s always nice to have a book to hand to friends who are behind, or just to reiterate points that were already learned.