Business 2.0 says David Matters Jason 21 Jun 2006

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Business 2.0 magazine just released their “The 50 people who matter now” list. And #34 is our very own David Hansson. 34 ranks him higher than Oprah (at 38), the Skype Co-founders (at 36), Jeff Bezos (at 42), among others. Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Steve Jobs and King Abdullah bin Abdul aziz al Saud (Saudi Arabia), Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iran), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), and Vladimir Putin (Russia) ranked higher, but hey, who’s counting.

Congrats David, that’s quite an accomplishment.

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Tony 21 Jun 06

obviously your counting Jason.

Eddie 21 Jun 06

That’s nothing- I ranked first.

daniel 21 Jun 06

wasn’t that the same magazine that said you needed to burn through 10 million in order to start a company.. .etc etc.? :)

Dave 21 Jun 06

wow, where is our little unknown Eric schmidth!!

Rabbit 21 Jun 06

Pssh… so much negativity. David _does_ matter. (I’m not saying other people don’t. And not even because some magazine says he does. =P)

It’d be a sad, sad day if he were to suddenly leave our world.

I’d finally know how those people who mourn over John Lennon feel.

Eddie 21 Jun 06

Hopefully- if you read the list, you’ll agree that my post was made in humor and not negatively.

Bizsnype 21 Jun 06

Wow Rabbit! I didn’t know it was humanly possible to pucker up so quickly…

sxates 21 Jun 06

I want to know who’s doing 37s PR…

JF 21 Jun 06

I want to know who�s doing 37s PR�

We do our own PR.

We have recently hired a PR firm to work for us for a few months (specifically around the promotion of our book) as a test, but all the major press we’ve received up until this point has been because of our own efforts.

Justin 21 Jun 06

Yeah, proving the best PR is usually a result of doing something remarkable and not trying to puff up “ho hum” accomplishments into something more than they are.

Kudos to David, he deserves every bit of the recognition.

Stephen 21 Jun 06

Congrats to David! Rails has been a godsend! :)

Rabbit 21 Jun 06

You know Eddie, I get that a lot. =) Hehe… But I’ll NEVER calm down!

Tracey 22 Jun 06

David is bigger than Oprah! I predict by next year, David will have a NBC reality TV show doing makeovers on Enterprise(tm) Java code.

On a serious note, congrats to DHH. He truly deserves the recognition. It seems everywhere you go there is always some jealous nut waiting for a trollcap tag, and I don’t understand it.

z 22 Jun 06

congrats! kudos to David and the rest of 37s crew, i’m sure its a concerted effort. well deserved accolade indeed.

z 22 Jun 06

NBC reality TV show doing makeovers on Enterprise(tm) Java code.
now that is funny ;)

Matt Todd 22 Jun 06

Speak of the devil, I saw him (DHH) on my way back to my hotel, tonight. I’m here are RailsConf, but staying at the Travelodge (you know, poor student).

Funny, that’s all.


John Topley 22 Jun 06

“David is bigger than Oprah!”

I don’t know, he still looks quite lean to me! Anyway, this is richly deserved.

Gabor 22 Jun 06

Congratulations, David! Also, kudos for ranking higher than the Skype guys, Tim O’Reilly, and Jeff Bezos, to name a few.

Ben Kittrell 22 Jun 06

I love that Larry Ellison is listed a Pre internet Dinosaur. That’s awesome.

Anonymous Coward 22 Jun 06

“Programming a website isn’t quite child’s play” Business 2.0’s insanely difficult. in fact, he is applying for NASA next year;) wake up people, the guy invented a shortcut! and i am not trying to be negative here, but it’s all about the PR!!! (om malik;);)

*’The Emperor’s New Clothes’ strikes again…big time!

look 22 Jun 06

btw - my name is look (‘Anonymous Coward’ from upstairs)

Daniel Lynch 22 Jun 06

Good morning, Amedica! Just a tip:

You really should add “people we’re sleeping with for money” to the “about entrepreneurship, design, experience, simplicity, constraints, pop culture, our products, products we like, and more.”

Seth Thomas Rasmussen 22 Jun 06

It�d be a sad, sad day if he were to suddenly leave our world.

I�d finally know how those people who mourn over John Lennon feel.


Peter Cooper 22 Jun 06

Y’know, it’s great that David’s up there, and I think it’s reasonably well deserved, but it’s a shame how lists like this miss the people who got those people to where they are. I would have thought Jason Fried would deserve an absolute gigantic pat on the back for this one as, from what I can tell, the mentorship, ideas, and support for this to happen came from him, no?

richard 22 Jun 06

It’s great to see DHH get the recognition he deserves. I think it’s well earned.

Ken Rossi : 22 Jun 06

congratulations. I dont know why the haters read stuff they hate so much. here’s another question…. when are the haters gonna be named EOTY? or make the INC 500 …. or better…. 10 most useless people list….. take a look at the article….you would be in some pretty impressive company. Torvalds, Ballmer…..

learn the ways of STFU……

Erik Mallinson 22 Jun 06

Two great Davids… DHH and David Allen. I feel really on top of things right now!

Anonymous Coward 22 Jun 06 - free advertising is good, suckup.

adam 23 Jun 06

Congrats to David. He has obviously had a huge impact on the web.

But.. doesn’t Business 2.0 (and Web 2.0 for that matter) seem to be focused way too much on ranking everything under the sun?

And mixing web devs with talk show hosts with world leaders? Come on.