BusinessWeek Best of the Web: Basecamp and Backpack 17 Sep 2005

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BusinessWeek’s Best of the Web 2005 is out and we’re honored that both Basecamp (in the @Work Collaboration category) and Backpack (in the @Home Services category) were awarded an Editor’s Pick. Backpack and Basecamp also came in #1 and #2 in the Reader’s Survey in the @Work Collaboration category. Read more about “The Whole New Web” at the BusinessWeek site. Thanks to the editor’s of BusinessWeek and everyone who voted in the reader’s survey! We have more apps coming soon so here’s to 2006!

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Dave Simon 17 Sep 05

Hey, congrats to the signalers!

Closest I’ve come to recognition like that is a subscription to BusinessWeek. :)

And hurry up with those new apps… you teases!

Brad 17 Sep 05

BusinessWeek today
Forbes 500 tomorrow
Merging with Oracle Wednesday Afternoon


Alipasha 18 Sep 05

Well desreved!
Looking forward to ‘06.

Alipasha 18 Sep 05

Sorry for the typo!

Wesley Walser 18 Sep 05

You guys are getting a lot of good press from several differant directions right now. Props guys.

Mark John B. 18 Sep 05

Congrat’s guys! I know you all deserve it.

Regarding going big time — hmmm, with all these praises, i’m sure it’s starting to get really hard to resist — hmmm the chocolates… as mena said “perks”. :P

Chopper 19 Sep 05

Rock on!