BusinessWeek Cover Story featuring 37signals Jason 17 Mar 2006

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The cover story for the March 27th issue of BusinessWeek is titled “Speed Demons: How smart companies are creating new products — and whole new businesses — almost overnight” and features profiles on four companies: XM Radio, H&M, Best Buy, and 37signals. Read our profile or check out the entire cover package online. Pictures are included in the print version of the magazine.

Thanks to Steve Hamm for having the courage to feature our little company in a cover story next to the billion-dollar giants that are XM Radio, Best Buy, and H&M.

Images: The cover, table of contents, story, photo of the crew.

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FredS 17 Mar 06

omfg, yoga poses?

Mike McD 17 Mar 06

Far out. Congrats guys.

MMI 17 Mar 06


Dhrumil 17 Mar 06

I love this part:

“It’s stressful. One of the designers, Ryan Singer, chills out during design binges by twisting himself into yoga positions.”

I’m going to start a yoga studio just for all my designers out there.


d 17 Mar 06

sometime ya just gotta chill the fuck out! dawg!

Andy 17 Mar 06

Amazing. Congrats guys, you really deserve it.

Brandon Eley 17 Mar 06

Congratulations guys! Like you guys needed any more publicity!!!

Man, as long as you guys don’t keep adding people and don’t change the way you do things, you’ll be billionaires soon. The next Google perhaps??

Kendall 17 Mar 06

Great Job Guys. Congratulations.

Jon Maddox 17 Mar 06

wow, thats awesome. Its nice to see the big guys take notice.

Carlo 17 Mar 06

Wow, congrats guys! You know you’re mainstream when dead-tree media takes notice.

Sunny 17 Mar 06

Steven Garrity:

I don’t think you’ll see Jason wearing a suit

Paul Ingram 17 Mar 06

(sobbing with joy) I’m so proud of you guys!

Josh Williams 17 Mar 06

Freaking A… Nice article.

Ryan: Can you put you leg behind your head? We need a Flickr photo…

Gary 17 Mar 06

37s isn’t mentionned in the cover package, though :/

Pat Lang 17 Mar 06

Nice Work! Very inspirational.

Rob Cameron 17 Mar 06

Congrats you guys! Ryan, I love ya man, but you look like a stalker in that photo. :)

Saul Weiner 17 Mar 06

You folsk are a PR machine…

Kathy Sierra 17 Mar 06

This is awesome! Congratulations you guys. Well deserved. Attractive photo, too. I agree with Pat— what you guys have accomplished is very inspirational, and especially all the ways in which you are sharing so much of what you’ve learned to help others be successful too. (And your advice isn’t just helpful for web startups…)

"M" & "D" 17 Mar 06

Jason, congrats from us who knew you when……

Piotr Usewicz 18 Mar 06

Wow… I will be on a cover next year.

pwb 20 Mar 06


But XM Radio?? It’s getting destroyed but the much faster Sirius.