Caffeine is hot Jason 30 Nov 2005

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Coffee and soda has it. Water has it too. Even beer’s got it now. So what’s the next logical step? Hot sauce, of course.

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Dan Boland 30 Nov 05

I’m partial to the caffeinated mints, myself.

Anonymouse Coward 30 Nov 05

Save your self the troubles, sugar, calories, and money and get some caffeine tablets. $4 for 40 200mg tablets and about 300 times the amount of caffeine as any energy drink.

Jamie Tibbetts 30 Nov 05

Someone should have been smart and come out with caffeinated turkey for Thanksgiving. It would help everyone stay awake through the second football game.

Stridey 30 Nov 05

I maintain to this day that companies would make a killing if they started selling bread in “Regular” (caffeinated) and “Decaf”. It would be terrible for the public, but commercially I can’t see any reason not to pack good full of the stuff: it insures repeat customers.

Mark 30 Nov 05

I’ve never understood the idea of caffeinated water - considering water is a hydrant and caffeine a dehydrant, where’s the benefit? Wouldn’t they just cancel each other out?

Stridey 30 Nov 05

“it *ensures* repeat customers.”

Stridey 30 Nov 05

Yeah, what you said.

Please don’t impersonate me, though, it’s creepy. :-P

monkeyinabox 30 Nov 05

Caffeinated Turkey! I think you’ve got something there.

Tom 01 Dec 05

I find this trend worrying. Caffeine is a addictive drug, once you are addicted you generally take it to stop you feeling bad rather that to feel good. It’s ok occasionally e.g. a long night out or for a project that needs finishing.

cozymax 01 Dec 05

Exactly, Tom. but I get sleepy even if I took the caffeine…

noexes 01 Dec 05

I’ve had Gatorade with caffeine in it, grinded pills by the way, and who-boy, that’s a match made in heaven. I’ve had big gulps of caffeine before and this is the only one where I feel better afterwards.