Calexico, Garden Ruin, is out Jason 13 Apr 2006

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Calexico’s new album is out and it’s different and great. Here’s the Pitchfork review (and you can buy it on iTunes now). If you haven’t been treated to Calexico before, do check them out. They’re the best band you’ve never heard. And if you’ve heard of them this is an extra special treat. Viva Tucson!

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Sebastian Gr��l 13 Apr 06

You are not only….. whatever. you are also listening to good music

John 13 Apr 06

Yeah, Calexico are awesome. I’m a big fan of the “Into The Reins” album they did with Iron & Wine, who is also… awesome.

Positive adjectives! Who needs more than one?

John 13 Apr 06

(If by “Into The Reins” I mean “In The Reins”)

dave rau 13 Apr 06

I love that sweet cover art, super nice.

Jon Prettyman 13 Apr 06

FYI, Calexico is going to be live at KEXP on Friday, April 14th at 11:00 AM Pacific.

Ward Andrews 13 Apr 06

The music of the Old Pueblo…I love this band.

Kelly 13 Apr 06

Hey, KCRW ( is having these guys live in studio right now, and the shows are always available afterward at their site. Good stuff!

Check here:

S 17 Apr 06

average album

musokka 23 Apr 06

This album is less alt country like, but there some good moments - hear some audio streams I heard here for yourself