Call a cab and a dredger 01 Apr 2005

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Google Cabs

Google Labs introduces Google Ride Finder, a real-time map that displays available cabs and limos in major metro areas. Someone better call a dredger.

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pecky 01 Apr 05

Jimmy Hoffa’s last ride…

brian 01 Apr 05

maybe it’s a water taxi.

JF 01 Apr 05

maybe it�s a water taxi.

Yeah, on its way to Michigan.

Casey Gollan 01 Apr 05

Thats pretty awesome! Google maps is like taking Google and 37Signals and making it 37Signoogles. The style of the maps and interface is very 37Signals and the technology is very Google.

p.s. what happened to shirt signals? :-D i’d buy some of those!

Ryan 01 Apr 05

Someone call and ask if it’s high or low tide.

Justin Perkins 01 Apr 05

He said Signoogles :)

The potential for this Ride Share thing is great, really anyone could sign up for that. Could you imagine, just before you walk out the door to run an errand, open up the Google Ride Share and look for a car in your area. This isn’t limited to Taxis, anybody *should* be able to sign up.

Shoot, how much will you give me? I’ll drop by and pick you up!

pb 01 Apr 05

Is Google Maps exposed such that anyone could overlay data on top of it?

pb 01 Apr 05

btw, that’s a nice touch centering the input in the email field on the Backpack page.

lane 02 Apr 05

clearly, they’ve just played a few too many games of crazy taxi.

Kirk 03 Apr 05

On a ferry?

Drake 11 Mar 06

Wow….a taxi cab that even goes out to sea. Awesome.