Cast of Shadows Update Matt 07 Mar 2005

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Kevin Guilfoile, former officemate and Coudalite, gets an ace review from the NY Times for his new book.

“Cast of Shadows” draws on a loving acquaintance with the contours of clone lit — and the best mass-market page turners — to create a smirk-free and always surprising medical thriller, complete with elegant prose and well-developed characters. What’s most appealing here, and most promising for Guilfoile’s future as a novelist, is that he wields the bylaws of his chosen genre to undercut its central premise. As always, some ill-conceived fiddling with genes has set the plot in motion, but science, in the end, is not the villain.

He’ll be on tour this month promoting the book so go say hey. You can find out more about the book at the book site.

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