Charity auction at eBay with cool Chicago-area and rock ‘n roll items Matt 13 Oct 2005

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Our friends at Flowerbooking are launching a one-of-a-kind charity auction on eBay starting today. There is a ton of stuff being auctioned off, including lots of Chicago-area adventures, a bowling trip with Jimmy Eat World, a recording session with Ted Leo, rare music memorabilia, VIP tickets to concerts/sporting events, hotel rooms, and a lot more.

100% of the proceeds go to P.L.A.Y (Possibilities in Life: Art for Youth) — an organization providing creative outlets to children and teens exposed to violent environments. So go ahead and bid it up. It’s for a good cause and I’ll bet there are some good deals to be had since you’ll be competing mostly against broke-ass hipsters.

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simple 13 Oct 05

It’s “eBay” unless it starts a asentence, in which case its “Ebay”.

Sorry - I work there….