Code (PHP) + Think + Manage + Innovate for Matt 19 Oct 2005

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Want to work in NYC for one of the hippest publications around? Our friends at The Onion, America’s Finest News Source, are looking to add to their web staff. Here’s the job description:

The Onion is looking for a talented, visionary, and driven addition to our small web team. Is it you?

We’re waiting to fully define the job until we find the perfect candidate, but the position is guaranteed to include these ingredients: PHP programming, project management, strategic thinking, and other dev/programming work based on your strengths.


  • 2 years work experience
  • PHP expertise
  • Obsession with the Internet and where it’s headed
  • Insatiable desire to make things better
  • Excellent communication skills, allowing you to talk easily to sys admins, programmers, developers, designers, writers, ad reps, business types, editors, etc.
  • Passion for the online delivery of hard-hitting news

Bonus areas of expertise (please specify when applying):

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • Drupal (CMS)
  • Project management
  • Staff management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Video compression/ multimedia presentation online
  • System administration
  • Log analysis
  • User research
  • Information architecture

Commensurate with experience and eventual job description. This is a full-time position, with benefits, at The Onion’s SoHo office.

To apply:
E-mail pkoechley [at] with your resume, cover letter, and salary requirements.

The Onion, America’s Finest News Source, is a leading purveyor of national, international, political, and local news. For more info, visit

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Mike Rundle 19 Oct 05

The Onion is run with Drupal? No shit. Learned something new today.

DaleV 19 Oct 05

Is Drupal any good? We’ve been looking for a simple, fast CMS

Don Wilson 19 Oct 05

Everything looks good but I hate liberal news sites, so I’ll pass.

Cameron Barrett 19 Oct 05

Drupal rocks. I met with Khoi Vinh from Behavior Design (who did the front-end redesign) and The Onion tech guys this past summer to discuss which CMS to migrate to. They had been using a really old home-grown CMS that was no longer adequate.

They had been looking around and had narrowed the choice down to either Mambo Server or Drupal, and they ended up choosing Drupal because of its larger developer community. The tech guys at The Onion did a fantastic job in porting all the old Onion content into Drupal and customizing it to meet their exact needs.

Kyle 19 Oct 05

@DaleV: I used to work with some very talented .Net guys who pretty much swore Drupal was the only open source CMS they’d consider using. Apparently the code is extremely efficient, fast, and well commented.

The thing a like about Drupal is that they don’t go overboard trying to style the backend, and thus you can customize it fairly easy. That’s always been my biggest problem with open source cms’, the interfaces are way too techy for regular content creators.

Adam Michela 19 Oct 05

Khoi and I were quite surprised to see how fast Peter’s team at The Onion were able to integrate and deploy our new design within Drupal.

Having no prior experience with Drupal, I’d definately give it rave reviews after seeing what those guys could make it do so quickly.

Dan Boland 19 Oct 05

Too bad I don’t live in NY… =(

Gregory Haase 19 Oct 05

Interestingly enough, I don’t see this posted at all on the jobs page at

Perhaps they need to hire someone to update their website so they can post this job for their… oh…

Will 20 Oct 05

The Onion is a liberal news site?
Okay Don… whatever you say :)

tom 20 Oct 05

maybe don thinks the onion is a real newspaper?

Joe Murphy 22 Oct 05

Anybody know who first started using Drupal in the United States? I heard from someone this week it was Bluffington Today … which may be trues for an online newspaper, I don’t know.

tan 16 Nov 05