Color trends Matt 18 May 2005

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The top 10 “new” hot colors according to the Pantone Color Institute.

Hot Colors 2005

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lite 18 May 05


any link to the release or article?

Tomas 18 May 05

What would you say the most appropriate color scheme for a Web-App would be?

Is there known colors to promote productivity?

moo 18 May 05

Ruby Wine is the new black. Any one else notice that color (or close to it) all over the Web lately, or is it just me? Not complaining, it’s a great color. It’s just fascinating to me to see a design meme propagate like that.

Josh Williams 18 May 05

I’m sorry. I do have a lot of respect for Pantone, but Leatrice Eisman thinks far too much of herself when it comes to telling us what colors are “in” or not.

Are Pantone’s color trends useful? Maybe. Are they self-serving? Most definitely.

Blah, blah, blah…

Egor Kloos 18 May 05

As soon something becomes a ‘trend’ then I take a hard look at it again. The list doesn’t really tell us anything. These are often chosen colours. The reason why they where chosen and in which context is not clear. When selecting colours the criteria shouldn’t be that they’re flavour of the month.

Nice colours btw. ;)

Patrick Kennedy 18 May 05

Seems like bright colors are out, and now we’re doomed to muted fall tones :(

I’m still stuck on, if not exactly bright, then at least more vivid tones. So I’ve got to disagree with Pantone :)

Darrel 18 May 05

Cool. My next interface is going to use every single one of them.

Then I’m going to request that Pantone make an open API for their color trends, then, voila! Every year, my app will automatically be updated with the latest trendy colors!

Darrel 18 May 05

Client: I don’t know…I really prefer blue instead of purple.

Agency: Gloxinia

Client: er…what?

Agency: Gloxinia. That color is actually Gloxinia.

Client: Glox-a-what?

Agency: Gloxinia. It’s the latest color trend from the highly reputable Pantone research team.

Client: Pantone what? How much are we paying for this crap?

Agency: Uh…oh…OK, sure…we can make it blue. Blue is definitely good.

Client: Good.

Stephen McKenna 18 May 05

What I find most absurd isn’t that Pantone is trying to sell “new” or trendy colors, but the marketing names that they tag them with. Glazed Ginger? Get over yourself, it’s #da4912.

ceejayoz 18 May 05

Since when is “Atmosphere” #C4A47B?

They must be based in LA.

Richard 18 May 05


word - lol

LPD 18 May 05

Sites like make this kind of PR stunt pretty quaint.

kmilden 18 May 05

Damn clients always want burnt orange.

Arne Gleason 18 May 05

The most of the color names are more interesting than the actual colors.

jebediah 18 May 05

Can I get some glazed ginger, a side of burnt olives and Rattan for dessert. And a glass of ruby wine.

Boris the Colour Genius 19 May 05

A day old mexican fiesta and a 4th of July wine tasting parade simultaneiously trip over a naked man.

D 19 May 05


Dharmesh 19 May 05


DP 19 May 05


Rob Winters 19 May 05

Looks a bit like my nav.

Bruno 19 May 05

American Beauty color? That`s red for me.
Rattan? That�s yellow.

Sorry, I know only 7 colors.

Anyways, who names all this colors? What kind of color is American beauty?

Jake 19 May 05

Yeah, umm…that’s red. LOL

cengizadem 19 May 05

its super colors

Justin 20 May 05

‘Each season, Pantone surveys designers showing at New York Fashion Week and collects feedback on prominent collection colors, color inspiration, color philosophy and each designer’s signature shades.’ (From the Pantone press release, see,

How relevant that is to web design, and whether it’s a trend or an observation is kind of moot. I don’t think they’ve claimed they’re either ‘hot’ or indeeed ‘new’ though. Just a bunch of popular colours from the Autumn ‘05 fashion collections.

mike 22 May 05

What I don’t understand is why they used a JPEG graphic to display these colors. they could have used a PNG file and cut the size from 13k to like 3k probably, or even less without that crappy pixelation around the type. .

MSNBC which gets a lot of hits is throwing away bandwidth. It’s not lke those colors are accurate on anyone’s screen anyway.

Jem 23 May 05

These colours look sooooo early 90’s.
Very dated?

Nick 25 May 05

Seems like burning fruit and veg is the way to go, I might burn my pantone book while i am at it…

I wonder exactly what hue ‘Burnt Marketing Horseshit’ would be?

Nicole 29 May 05

I wonder exactly what hue �Burnt Marketing Horseshit� would be?

lol, Surely not so different from Ruby Wine. Really I think color naming is the new trend, not the colors themselves.

I’ve noticed that colors/styles that are popular in Paris seem to start showing up in the US months or years later (think rediculously pointy ladies shoes).

Right now, hot pink is everywhere. I do wonder how much runway fashion ought to be applied to websites, which should last more than a season, if we’ve done our work well.

Winterkills 04 Jun 05

The best color, and most historic, is the indigo or midnight blue of John F Kennedy’s limousine. The hex color, coincidentally, is also the date of his assassination! #112263! Spooky, but 100% true!

Munchareins Roggonnagon 06 Jun 05

I�ve noticed that colors/styles that are popular in Paris seem to start showing up in the US months or years later (think rediculously pointy ladies shoes).

I think this has been true for hundreds of years, and I think you can sub in “the western world” for “US”.

Jalansutera 27 Jun 05

nice colors… though I do not agree with the statement

ross burgher 13 Sep 05

don’t obey the color rules!

ross burgher 13 Sep 05

don’t obey the color rules!

Mike 30 Mar 06

Haven’t they ever seen rattan?

Elvina Rose 27 May 06

Color Trend emerges from what you like the best. Have fun and try new combinations.

lainey 14 Jun 06

i am planning a 40th birthday party for my husband and i am inviting 100 people. what 2 colors work best together for a warm, great, cool, forward look? this past year i have seen brown and light blue and also brown and moss or kelly green over and over again. any suggestions are very welcome. :) thank you.

Christina 27 Jul 06

Trying to locate Color Trend Reports to show the progression from 2005 to 2006 and 2007… Any tips on where I can find something comprehensive (not Pantone, but more athletic & casual fashion oriented?) Color groups ? style ideas? Hardware trends?

richard 03 Sep 06

Trying to find what color trends will be for high end apolstery and wallpaper design for spring of 207

richard 03 Sep 06

Trying to find what color trends will be for high end apolstery and wallpaper design for spring of 2007