Connected Ventures seeking web developer Matt 23 Jun 2005

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Our friends at Connected Ventures, the company responsible for CollegeHumor, Busted Tees, Vimeo, and other sites, are looking for an exceptional web developer knowledgeable in PHP, MySQL, and Javascript (more details here).

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Anonymous Coward 23 Jun 05

Since when is 37signals a supporter of those douchebags.

Cody Lindley 24 Jun 05

Not to be too semantic, but isn�t an expert in PHP and MySQL usually considered a web programmer and not a web developer? I�m often confused when employer�s use the term Web Developer to describe a position that is obviously focus on server side programming. In my mind a Web Developer is an expert in CSS, XHTML, Javascript, and browsers.

Jakob Lodwick 24 Jun 05

We’re looking for someone who does more than just program, but PHP/MySQL is the bare necessity. We’re using the word “developer” because we that’s what we call our group.

Don Wilson 24 Jun 05

I’ve submitted my resume to you guys the day it was posted here.

To the previous poster, a web programmer just writes software to the bare minimum. A developer makes a feature rich application because he can.

I call myself a Web Developer. :)

Cody Lindley 28 Jun 05

@Don - Semantics & perspective my friend. I call myself a lot of things, but every once in a while l like adhere to a standard notion of what exactly it is that I do. I do this for my own sake and for the sanity of those who try to understand & hire people who work on websites. Its the abstract roles that I interact with that seem to cause me the biggest headaches on a day to day bases. Know what you do, why you do it, and what its typically referred to as in respect to those who must comprehend it!

My point was that some people (me) make a broad distinct between a web developer and a web programmer. It would seem that so do you.