Coudal’s “Copy Goes Here” on the LCD screen Ryan 06 Nov 2005

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Our officemates at Coudal have released their landmark 11 minute film entitled Copy Goes Here. Filmed on location at the Coudal/37s offices, everyone plays themselves. Ryan and I make a cameo (farmer tans and all) around 9:30. There’s schwag for sale too (naturally).

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Don Wilson 06 Nov 05

The word schwag has already gotten annoying. :(

Don Wilson 06 Nov 05

Fantastic short film. I love the environment that 37s and Coudal works in.

Colin D. Devroe 06 Nov 05

If this make $1 it’d be .99 cents too much. Just my opinion though.

Oh yeah, stellar office space.

George 06 Nov 05

mmm. pork chop sandwiches. did they get them from your sandwich company?

Andrew 06 Nov 05

It’s a lot of fun.

Lisa 06 Nov 05

Love the music and the shots are nice.

I need one of those desks!
Anyone know where they came from?

I am having the hardest time finding a nice long surface that also has a small backdrop to hide all my cords!

Dean 06 Nov 05

I think the word is “swag” and not “schwag”.

The short is amusing but I would hesitate to call it “landmark”…after all the buildup I was a little underwhelmed.

You guys are one of the funniest bits in the film.

Brandon Walsh 06 Nov 05

I’m having some trouble getting the video to work. It ends abruptly around 6:20 (at “… to Jim always approving copy…”). Is anyone else having trouble? I’ve tried several different players (but no Quicktime, since I’m running Linux). I hope I get to see the rest.

Anonymous Coward 06 Nov 05

Dean, I think “landmark” was just having fun.

Ken 06 Nov 05

I posted this on the forums when it first launched today. They are just having fun and I am sure that there are fans of Coudal that will buy it. We have realized that we can no longer have fun and flex our creative muscle anymore with clients…. they no longer listen… so we have to have fun making our own projects, etc…. I think they accomplished that….

Bernt 06 Nov 05

Can I have my 11 minutes back? I laughed only once, at Jim trying to read “CMYK,” but that was probably because at that point I was kinda desperate to laugh at anything.

jobb 06 Nov 05

so sad..

amber 06 Nov 05

very amusing! i liked it!

Ian 06 Nov 05

Cool video! All you naysayers can stuff it. By visiting a blog you relinquish any claims to a value on your time.

Nick Carlson 07 Nov 05

Production quality: 9/10. Very nice.

Music: 7/10. The music that was selected fits the bill. However, music is playing THE ENTIRE TIME. Less is more….right, Jason.

Comedy: 8/10. I didn’t even know it was a comedy until after the second half. There should have been a few bits thrown in the first 5 1/2 minutes. Mabey a closeup when someone shy’s away from the menu, with a witty remark.

Effort 10/10. I enjoyed it. Excellent first effort. I’m looking forward to more.

Kyle 07 Nov 05

Hey, the music was pretty good. The same band did all the music? Illinois is home to some pretty good tunes. I’m pretty sure if I lived in Chicago you could catch me at the Hideout most nights.

Andrew 07 Nov 05

Excellent film, guys.

Crap, some of the comments above sound like they come from the Feature Requests portion of the Basecamp forum! Stop yer whining!

warren 07 Nov 05

was this supposed to have a point?

Stefan Seiz 07 Nov 05

So let’s start “getting real”:

  • Do we realy need 1 Kilo of Ham on a Sandwich?
  • Do we realy need to please everyone with our sauce?
  • What’s the core of our business?

  • Let’s just leave 5 Slices of Ham/Turkey off our Subs.

  • Leave the sauce off the sandwich - customers can add the souce of their liking from their own stock - offer a souce recipie website with an API and watch as customers come up with great home made souces feeding them back to our web-repository. Our AJAX driven Sauce-Collaborator will take care of the rest. And without our interference, we’d see Sauce-Recipes no one ever even dared to think about.

  • We’re a sandwich company, so our core should be the Bread. Let’s focus on this. Before we get lost in all the toppings, let’s start to deliver. For Let’s just ship some great bread and think about the toppings as we go or let’s just prepare them with mor focus to detail and deliver Half a Sandwich (wich compensates for the additional time) and not a half assed sandwich.

  • John 07 Nov 05

    Nice titles!

    Tomas Breen 07 Nov 05

    I really enjoyed the film. Love the cuts, the direction, the shots.

    But I only really enjoy tv / film when a lesson is learned. What was learned? Where’s the sum up, like the end of every simpsons episode.

    Maybe I just didn’t get the lesson. I’ll watch it again to be sure.

    Stefan Seiz 07 Nov 05

    It’s just a funny story. Comedy. The only lesson to learn is to have a laugh now and then and not take things too seriously.
    Oh and if you realy desperately need a lesson to learn: think about the main character who engages so much and even teaches them how to read - just to get fired…

    Tomas Breen 07 Nov 05

    Stefan. You’re right.

    I must say, Jim was brilliant at playing dumb. His expressions are classic.

    Brad 07 Nov 05


    My favourite part of course was the “I’m going to the Canadian restaurant for poutine…” Triumphant!

    Normic 07 Nov 05

    I agree with those who ask “What was the point?”

    Not funny even a bit. Maybe if they were blind or retarded … now THAT would be funny.

    Anonymous Coward 07 Nov 05

    The point is to have fun and make a movie. What the hell is wrong with the haters here?

    Anonymous again 07 Nov 05

    The movie part of it was terrific. Camera work was very good. It just wasn’t funny or clever.

    Lisa 07 Nov 05

    Check out the Coudal site today
    (much funnier than the movie).

    coudal 07 Nov 05

    “I must say, Jim was brilliant at playing dumb. His expressions are classic.”


    Josh 07 Nov 05

    Hey, great show. I really like the underlying theme, and I can definately recognize the similarities between that workplace and my own. No, the people I work with are not illiterate, but it’s the same basic concept.

    The movie itself has great quality, I think. The cinematography was great, and the sound track really worked. The audio quality was very good too. Hope to see more soon!

    Christopher Fahey 07 Nov 05

    I figured it out as soon as I saw that nobody had keyboards.

    Tom Michlig 07 Nov 05

    Wow, some folks need to lighten up. Why such harsh criticism of this short? Why so angry?

    I believe the original post’s use of the word “landmark” was not intended to overstate the movie’s importance, but rather to describe it’s length. 11 minutes is a considerable length for something like this, and I think there was some self-deprecating humor in calling it “landmark”. Perhaps some irony.

    Personally, it was a good way for me to start my Monday morning. Nice pacing and edits, and a lighthearted story.

    Tomas Breen 07 Nov 05


    It comes naturally then? I see, I knew Jim couldn’t be that good of an actor!

    Still my favourite bit: “But we’re a … sandwich company”. Not sure if it’s the actual scene or just the T-Shirts and headbands.

    Michael 07 Nov 05

    Reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite. Really boring, but for some reason I just couldn’t stop watching.

    Tomas 07 Nov 05

    Just out of curiosity. What sort of equipment was used for filming this?

    There should be more shorts like this from small companies. We all know nerd write the funniest stuff (Simpsons, Napoleon Dynamite).

    Adam Wright 07 Nov 05

    I loved the humour. I’ve had that subtle ‘Bastards…’ stuck in my head all day and it’s been brighter for it.

    Anonymous Coward 07 Nov 05

    Liked it!
    I also enjoyed a cup of BC Koolaid as I watched.

    tim 07 Nov 05

    so no other post for today ? Only this (pretty good) film by Coudal ?

    lazy 07 Nov 05

    so, i went to play this thing and found out that i’m very far back in my qt updates, so it threw an error and i didn’t get any video. but in pure laziness, i didn’t stop the audio from playing.

    i later actually updated my qt to something released within the past year and watched the movie including the video.

    so, long story short, this movie is funnier without any video (although several jokes were missed).

    Nick Carlson 07 Nov 05

    Yeah, I’d also like to know what equipment was used.


    Andrew 07 Nov 05

    Did anybody not laugh at the Lorem Ipsum resume?

    Don Wilson 07 Nov 05

    The Lorem Ipsum resume bit was the funniest part of the whoel film.

    Fifty Cent 07 Nov 05

    This video does a great job of poking fun at people who can’t read. Adult illiteracy is such a silly, funny thing. And, they’ll never be the wiser, since they don’t have computers. Ha, ha! What a genius PR stunt by Coudal Partners— go team!

    Don Schenck 07 Nov 05

    Fantastic stuff. I laughed and laughed. It’s intellectual humor, so some won’t get it.


    And I’ll say it: Michele is smokin’!

    Don Wilson 07 Nov 05

    Indeed, she is quite beautiful

    Jobb 08 Nov 05

    Is this the next generation ad ? They are lot of things like “a popular email application”, the easy step of bbq making of, Coudal´┐Żs copy writer . Sound that everything associated. Umm.. like blog buzz… Um.. Anyway art’s perspective is awesome..

    Gimme a break 08 Nov 05

    DonS: “Intellectual humor”?

    Your COMMENT was “Intellectual humor” for some of us. The movie was poorly paced and poorly written. Some of you can be such kiss-asses it’s amazing.

    Don Schenck 08 Nov 05

    Gimme — Fair enough, point taken.

    Let’s see a link to the movie *you* produced.

    Oh … uh … what’s that? Cat got your tongue?


    Matt Kaufman 08 Nov 05

    Hehe, I laugh out loud everytime I see the ‘Lorem Ipsum’ resume and hear the ‘…very impressive!’ comment :)

    Andrew 09 Nov 05

    I believe it would be intellectual humour because well it is a high comedy (i.e. it is a comedy of manners).

    anonymous 11 Nov 05

    Wow, are there no minorities that live in the same town as Coudal Partners? That seems like the most homogenous office I’ve ever seen. I’ve only been to Chicago once, but I remember seeing a wider variety of creatives…

    Kinda funny film, though.