Coupon code: $5 off Backpack 22 Aug 2005

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We’re testing our new coupon system for Backpack, so in the spirit of testing in the wild and Getting Real, the next 100 people to use this coupon will save $5 on their next Backpack billing cycle. The coupon is: DCZHSA4JW4

Here’s how you claim it: Log into your Backpack account, click the Account tab, and enter the code into the coupon code box.

NOTE: You must have a paying Backpack account to take advantage of this coupon, and it only applies for your next billing cycle, not your current one. For example, if you sign up today for a Backpack Basic account ($5/month account), you’ll pay $5 for this month, but you’ll get next month for free. If you already have a Backpack account, then you’ll save $5 off your next month.

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Jason Gilstrap 22 Aug 05

That was simple enough. Thanks!

Anthony Morales 22 Aug 05

Wow, that was easy enough. Thanks!

Brady Joslin 22 Aug 05

Easy schmeezy, thanks guys!

flowb33 22 Aug 05

Much appreciated. Nice way to start a Monday.

Andrew 22 Aug 05

Very Nice, Thank you

Ferdinand Svehla 22 Aug 05

Thanks, Jason :)

Russ 22 Aug 05

Thanks for the 5 spot!

JF 22 Aug 05

Our pleasure, and thanks for the thanks!

John 22 Aug 05

Would be good to know how fast this offer expired, ie the requisite number of people signed up. Look forward to similar on Basecamp

Jake Ingman 22 Aug 05

Worked perfectly for me, and said it was no longer valid when I tried to use it again ;)

Thanks for the $5!

Chad Alderson 22 Aug 05

Suggestion - it worked fine, but I tried to stack it (apply the coupon twice) and the following message came up:

“The code you entered is either not a recognized code, or has expired. Please try again.”

You might want to adjust the error message to cover the coupon stacking use-case. Other than that, rock on!

Chriztian Steinmeier 22 Aug 05

Well thank you - that was easy! :-)

Justin P. 22 Aug 05

Thanks, worked great.

I think I found a bug though because when I tried to credit my account another 5 bucks the coupon was rejected.

Christopher 22 Aug 05

You should really test out the coupon with Basecamp to be thorough…

cjs. 22 Aug 05

Thanks, J! Beautiful implementation, seriously. So quick.

I ended up with a $10 credit, using the code I got from an email this morning and then this code, so if you aren’t allowing multiple coupons you might want to look into that (as long as it doesn’t mean taking my bucks back ;).

flowb33 22 Aug 05

This brings up the idea of a referral program, wherein if someone signs up for a Backpack pay account and uses your name as the referrer, then perhaps you receive a $5 credit.

Joshua Rudd 22 Aug 05

Got it. Did it. Done. That was fast.

Greg Prosser 22 Aug 05

I take it if there is no coupon code box to see, one of two things has happened: 1) already got 100 hundred entries; 2) does not apply to ‘personal’ accounts

Travholt 22 Aug 05

I got one too! Woo!

Rob Cameron 22 Aug 05

Thanks 37 Signals! You guys are the bestest.

Matt Kaufman 22 Aug 05

Great! Skimmed over the email this morning, then saw your blog entry and went ahead with it. :)

Craig Rosa 22 Aug 05

Any reason you chose to post a second coupon code here, and not on the site’s weblog? Just curious.

JF 22 Aug 05

More people read this blog than the product blog. And we’re just testing (although of course the coupon is real).

Ben Whitehouse 22 Aug 05

You guys are too good to us!

irl barefield 22 Aug 05

thanks! a truly kiind — and real — maneuver.

Lars Fischer 22 Aug 05

The code from the email was expired, but this one worked. Thanks!

John Zeratsky 22 Aug 05

Worked like a charm. Thanks much!

Jason Dowdell 22 Aug 05

Well shoot, I guess I was too late. Hey Jason, since I’m using this to manage my legal fund and I can use all the help I can get financially, how bout helping a brother out?

Oh well, first come first serve is quite fair and it was a nice way for the 37Signals team to once again show other businesses how to take care of existing customers. Well Done!

Bobby Dragulescu 22 Aug 05

There’s no coupon code box when I click the Account tab. :(

Patrick Lafleur 23 Aug 05

I redeemed a coupon yesterday and got the 5$ rebate.

This morning you tried to bill me but I received the following error. Is it related to the coupon rebate? I cannot see what I can do since the error seems to be on your side. Maybe you tried to bill 0.00$ (5$ basic account - 5$ rebate)?

We just tried to process your monthly Backpack Basic subscription for $5, but your credit card (VISA ending in XXXX) transaction was declined.

The reason given for the declined transaction was:
“A valid amount is required”

JF 24 Aug 05

Thanks for pointing that out. We’ve fixed it up.

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first come first serve is quite fair and it was a nice way for the 37Signals team to once again show other businesses how to take care of existing customers. Well Done!

Lil 02 Sep 05

I hate to poo on the lovefest, but what’s the point in implementing a good idea — like the coupon — if you don’t manage its entire “lifespan?”

I signed up for Backpack after reading about the coupon assuming that, since there was no mention that 100 people had already used the coupon, it was still valid. Nope. Just got an unapologetic back-and-forth from a Backpacker telling me I was out of luck.

So here’s the take-away for folks who pride themselves on customer service: Practice it yourself, in both spirit and application. When an offer expires, say so.