Danley’s Garage World: A company not afraid of their work 28 Aug 2005

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Danley’s lets you enter your city and zipcode and then returns a list of addresses with garages they’ve built. Really nice marketing idea that also shows they stand behind their work and want you to see it close up.

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Jack 28 Aug 05

Off-topic but I like the greyed-out SEO at the bottom of the page. :P

Anonymous Coward 28 Aug 05

Thanks to this website, I have finally hear the sound of a garage door open!

Many thanksto you my friend.

Derek 28 Aug 05

But what’s with giving out addresses of your customers? Some security issues there.

Rob 28 Aug 05

it would be nice if it worked though. Good thought. but when I enter a zip, i don’t get anything.

Looks like they’ve got some content to put in place too. Lot’s of “need description” and “need address.” Maybe that’s why it isn’t working.

Anonymous Coward 29 Aug 05

But what�s with giving out addresses of your customers? Some security issues there.

What are the security concerns? They don’t list names and addresses are public record.

louis 29 Aug 05

neat idea. but living in nyc when i enter a zipcode nothing comes up. i am guessing they only provide service around chi-town - might be a better idea to limit it to the area which they build in. or have a better no results found page.

JF 29 Aug 05

Yes, this is Chicago-area only. Try 60610 or 60647 or 60614 or 60622 for an example.

sdb 29 Aug 05

i couldn’t get past the animation noise, myself. it could be a cool little tool, but anything that makes me jump when the page first loads is doomed to be “back-buttoned.” the fact that the back button restarts the animation caused me to close the browser. on the plus side, i didn’t notice any blinking text, although as stated, i didn’t keep the window open for more than a few seconds.

Jeff 29 Aug 05

Yes, it’s Chicago only - and most of us are smart enough to figure that out. But the website certainly didn’t help with any sort of error explaining that the zip code we entered wasn’t valid. In fact, the message said to click one of the picture - too bad there were not any pictures. I’m not impressed - and if I DID have them build me a garage, I wouldn’t want them giving out my information on the internet to anyone who cared to have it.

Maybe they make nice garages, but sounds like they could use a call from 37 Signals for some web consulting…

Charles 19 Dec 05

I need a garage built under ground so my wife cant find me.

ozzy osbourn 19 Dec 05

I need a bloody garage built for my boxes of dead things.

24x28 should be fine.

Toni 22 Jun 06

Sounds to me like I came to this website to honestly find someone to build me a garage, and all I got was this joke of a page. Bad for buisness Mr. Danley. Have fun with all of the jobs that you’re not gonna get. (That includes mine.)