Design Observer redesigns and joins The Deck Jason 12 Jun 2006

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We’re happy to announce the newly redesigned Design Observer has agreed to become the eighth site in The Deck, our targeted ad network. Run by Michael Bierut, William Drenttel and Jessica Helfand, Design Observer is unmatched as a resource for thoughtful critisicm and opinion on design and culture and brings to the network a large, loyal, influential audience. There are a couple ad slots available in the Deck for July, August and September. If you have a product or service that would benefit from being in front of millions of creative professionals, drop us a line.

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Thai 12 Jun 06

Finally! Its about time Design Observer redesigned their website. It looks great and so much easier to read! Although i’m not a fan of the 50/50 split layout. Despite that its still an improvement.

Dan Grossman 12 Jun 06

Looks nice. Good Deck integration, but doesn’t stand out as much as it does here.

kev 13 Jun 06

Yay. Now I can add the Design Observer back into my daily sites folder. That white-on-gray scheme killed my eyes.