Designed: Hangzhou teahouse, StarFlyer, SwissMiniGun, Khukri, Crevasse Vase Matt 17 Aug 2006

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A traditional teahouse in Hangzhou, China

StarFlyer (new no-frills Japanese airline)

SwissMiniGun (the smallest revolver and ammunition in the world)

Aston Martin DB5 (James Bond’s car in Goldfinger)

Khukri (rum from Nepal)

Crevasse Vase (designed by architect Zaha Hadid)

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Chris 17 Aug 06

Is that little gun used for killing small rodents and maybe the occasional bug? Maybe the literature should say: “Takes the place of a high powered fly swatter. Scope not included.”

Noah 17 Aug 06

Anyone else realize all the pics on the swissminigun website are rendered?

Noah 17 Aug 06

Oh not all just the majority

sammy 17 Aug 06

From the page you linked about Kukhri rum:

The khukri, carried by Gurkha soldiers as a side-arm, is centuries old. It is said that a Gurkha does not unsheathe the knife without the promise of drawing someone�s blood.

Well, yeah, sure. Unless they’re using it to chop wood or something.

(Sorry. Over the top crap like that makes me laugh.)

Darrel 17 Aug 06

isn’t ‘no frills’ when preceded by ‘airline’ redundant these days?

Matt/slapshotw 17 Aug 06

Wasn’t JF having a rodent problem? That’s obviously what the gun is for.


matt carey 17 Aug 06

i drove a DB5 at a track day a few years ago. best car i have driven and will ever drive. the power and torque were amazing. seeing the other drivers in ferrari’s etc come alongside very quickly out of the corners, but as the straight went on the aston just built the speed up. amazing day :)

Joe Ruby 17 Aug 06

That tea house, and its staff, is quite impressive.

STe 17 Aug 06

Photograph number ten has the wrong caption.

It should read: �Customer makes a complaint. Employee reacts.�

STxN 18 Aug 06

I wonder if they also fly helicopters at StarFlyer

Zelnox 18 Aug 06

O_o the teahouse is so cool!

:O 18 Aug 06

“I wonder if they also fly helicopters at StarFlyer”

Ha ha… Airwolf!

Lance Shields 19 Aug 06

That Aston Martin is just a beauty! What year was Goldfinger made?

seafell 22 Aug 06

if the teahouse combin with some modern elements Ingeniously will be fine