Designed: wallpaper, windmill, sand sculpture, etc. 37signals 07 Jul 2006

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Color by numbers wallpaper
Color by numbers wallpaper

Dutch windmill
New Dutch windmill

Belgian sand sculptures
Belgian sand sculptures

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Ismo Ruotsalainen 07 Jul 06

Timesphere Clock is cool. *Going to order one*

Dan Boland 07 Jul 06

Timesphere Clock is cool, but the ultra-minimalist in me wants the numbers gone too — instead, use a triangle arrow to denote where the 12 is. =D

Mark 07 Jul 06

That clock is cool, but if some jokester swipes your ball, you’re screwed.

Mike Morton! 07 Jul 06

I don’t like the second hand on the watch. How do you know which end to go by??

Steph Mineart 07 Jul 06

The shower curtain is interesting, but I really prefer the bowed/curved version they have in Holiday Inns these days — it pulls the top of the curtain away from you so it doesn’t touch you when you’re showering. Very handy. I’ve finally seen them in stores recently.

Seth Thomas Rasmussen 07 Jul 06

@Mike Morton!: I’m sure packaging or manual explains whether its the end with the circle or not.. either way, what difference does it really make? It’s an analog wrist-watch. If this is your timepiece, the exact seconds are not important to you except for rough timings, in which case simple addition and subtraction relative to wherever you start watching the hand should suffice.

David 10 Jul 06

@Mike Morton!: I guess the thin end (without the circle) points at the which second you’re on.

David Benton 10 Jul 06

@David: Funny you should say that. I found it intuitively obvious that the end with the circle was the indicative one.

We could probably figure out who is right, but I rather enjoy having two interpretations and not knowing which is correct.

Adam Blinkinsop 10 Jul 06

I think the clock should have three balls: the red on the outside as the second hand, a blue minute hand further in, and a green hour hand near the middle.

Also, I’m with Dan: get rid of the numbers, and just have a dot for the 12.

Kate 13 Jul 06

Colour by numbers wallpapers sounds like a good idea, until you realise you would have to colour in your whole wall!