Drink it in or spit it out 12 Aug 2005

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Kathy describes The Physics of Passion and “The Koolaid Point”.

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A Friend 12 Aug 05

How fitting…

Darrel 12 Aug 05


Darrel 12 Aug 05

Interestingly, that maps directly to the current US political climate.

Mike 12 Aug 05

Strange graph… Would not a perfect (everybody LOVES it) product be represented by a flat horizontal line? … a strange way to represent a monumental success. And I realize this is meant to be more fun than serious… Hey, it’s been a long week.

Mike 12 Aug 05

In light of my last comment, I guess it helps to read the article. (with lovers come haters) Still, I might have placed love on the y, hate on the x. Ok back to work…

Dana O 12 Aug 05

This reminds me of something called Lovemarks.

monkeyinabox 12 Aug 05


Justin P. 12 Aug 05

Scrivs is rolling now.

Did you get approval to use the copywritten Kool-Aid� logo? Tsk tsk.

Justin P. 12 Aug 05

Er, trademarked logo.

Sandor Weisz 12 Aug 05

I agree with Mike. I’d hope the line’s slope would start to decrease, not increase. Appearances can be deceiving; it may appear to spike upwards because the haters get so much more publicity than the lovers. But Kathy’s right — better to be on either end than to wallow in the middle ground of mediocrity.

Darrel 12 Aug 05

I think the bend makes a lot of sense, actually. At first, the LOVERS are slowly building but the haters don’t bother with it. Once the LOVERS hype their product enough, the backlash comes, and we all know HATERS jump on the bandwagon much faster than LOVERS do.

indi 12 Aug 05

Well in light of this and in reference to reactions to an earlier posting, maybe the Partnership for a Drug-Free America are doing something right after all ….

Jesse 12 Aug 05

I’m drinking the Kool-Aid on the term “Drinking the Kool-Aid”.

Justin P 12 Aug 05

Arc’Teryx, they’re like the North Face for Gen X. Super expensive gear, just putting their name on a product adds $100 alone. You’re drinking the Arc’Teryx Kool-Aid for sure ;)

indi 12 Aug 05

big aside:

It’s interesting how the phrase “drinking the Kool-Aid” has become generic and has lost it’s revulsive association with Jonestown. What other phrases or words do we use that are so far removed from actual or fictional events that their original connotations are lost? I think that’s been happening with the term “Holocaust” as well.

Did anyone see the movie “Troy” besides me? In one scene Achilles rides up to the gates of Troy by himself to avenge the death of his cousin. He starts yelling at the top of his lungs “Hector! …. Hector!” to get Hector to come out and fight him. I suddenly realized that that is where the verb “hector” came from. Hector means “to intimidate or harass by bluster or personal pressure.”

Justin P 12 Aug 05

I’ve always associated “Drinking the Kool-Aid’ with the psychedelic 60’s and the Acid Tests (not the browser test :) conducted at those crazy parties where they would spike the Kool-Aid with you know what.

Perhaps Jonestown makes more sense because of the obvious cult reference, still though, that term was appropriated from the 60’s generation by the media, imo.

Beau Hartshorne 12 Aug 05

Justin: When I bought my winter jacket (for Montreal, it gets very cold here), I didn’t know much about Arc’Teryx except that they were expensive. I’d never had a chance to try their Kool-Aid (if they even make any). After a few months of winter, I was a big fan for a number of reasons — but not because I’d been “sold” on it.

Apple, on the other hand, is a big Kool-Aid manufacturer. Since those performance reports are totally unsubstantiated, we can’t be sure — but they may have been feeding their users bitter, almond-flavored Kool-Aid for a long time now. If this is true, Apple’s taken evangelism too far.

indi 12 Aug 05

Justin, IMO, the drinking the kool-aid term is originally in reference to Jonestown not the sixties drug culture. Think about it, it was a cult that committed suicide by drinking poisoned kool-aid because it’s founder said to do so. Now we use the term kool-aid drinkers to refer to people who follow doctrines, companies or popular figures without question or the intervention of rational thought.

Justin P 12 Aug 05

I think you’re right about that indi, but still…

> drinking poisoned kool-aid because it�s founder said to do so.

To me, sounds exactly like you’re describing the Ken Kesey acid tests.

Interestingly enough, both Ken Kesey and his followers as well as Jim Jones and his followers were from San Francisco.

Brady Joslin 12 Aug 05

Don’t forget how this can be enhanced in the presence of worthy competitor(s).

Mac vs. Windows, Harleys vs. the rest of em, Firefox vs. IE, etc.

If Windows wasn’t around, I would guess the percentage of truly passionate Mac users would be a lot lower.

Jeff Hartman 12 Aug 05

I really can’t comment because of the lawsuit, but I’ve got some issues with the Kool-Aid man and the Slim Jim guy. I was drinking some juice and eating some beef jerky and BLAM! my wall’s all broken…

They kept saying “Oh yeah” and “Step into a Slim Jim”. All I could say was “Who is going to pay for all that f*#$ing damage?”

Dan Boland 12 Aug 05

Jeff: It’s snap into a Slim Jim. I think the Macho Man would be insulted. ;D

indi 12 Aug 05

Justin, interesting coincidence … I’ll have to read more about Kesey … but not on a work computer ;-)

Jeff: LOL … I’m still trying to settle with Apple for when my dual G5 shot through the wall of my office and nailed my neighbor’s Shih-Tzu

LISA 12 Aug 05

No matter what you do, don’t try pop-rocks and coca-cola.
Your head will explode ;)

Anonymous75 16 Aug 05

Mmm….my favorite is Riotberry.


web designer 20 Aug 05

hahaha.. interesting