Early Aardman Animations Stuff Matt 19 Oct 2005

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Digging the new Wallace and Gromit movie? Then be sure to check out some of Aardman Animations’ earlier work.

A few clips can be found online. At atomfilms.com, you can watch Creature Comforts featuring animals discussing life at the zoo. The matter-of-fact interviews and the goofy animations make for a great combo (and the Brazilian jungle cat is priceless). There are more funny CC clips at iFilm too.

And if you haven’t yet seen The Wrong Trousers then shame on you. Evil penguins, techno-trousers, a breakfast machine, and a diamond heist make for a great short.

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Patrick Rhone 19 Oct 05

It should also be noted that Aardman Studios recently caught fire destroying the warehouse where everything was destroyed so now these films are all that is left of these great films.

Rob Wilmshurst 19 Oct 05

Patrick - don’t remind me :(

Gotta love A Grand Day Out too.

Jon Wood 19 Oct 05

The thing I love most about Creature Comforts is that the interviews were done with everyday people, about an assortment of subjects - they then took the interviews back to the studio, and built the animation around that.

David 19 Oct 05

Awful to hear about the fire. Aardman is brilliant.

Brad 19 Oct 05

From my recollection, Jon is right about the source interviews… but the interviewees were actually retirees talking about the conditions at their retirement home.

Don Wilson 19 Oct 05

I only saw the first 10 seconds of the linked “Creature Comforts” because of the annoying british boy talking. That got irritating really fast.

kev 19 Oct 05

It’s the wrong trousers, Gromit! And they’ve gone wrong! Stop, them, Gromit, stop theeeeeeeem!

Darrel 19 Oct 05

That got irritating really fast.

Damn foreigners and their accents.

Also, we should mention Nick Park by name, as he’s been the one really driving the output of Aardman these past few years.

David 20 Oct 05

To all you folk distressed about the fire:
1. No one was hurt;
2. The models are only plasticine

Mr. Joel Dueck 20 Oct 05

I first saw the three W&G shorts on PBS about five years ago, during pledge week. They wanted you to pledge something like $120 to get the three-video set, and then in between the pledge-pushing, they played all three shorts in their entirety!

Needless to say we grabbed a blank tape and have been enjoying them ever since. What selfish philistines eh? (We stopped watching all broadcast/cable television about four years ago anyway.)