Elegant cable management 05 Aug 2005

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Finally someone does attractive cable management. Sleek, simple, thin, stackable, mountable. Sure, it doesn’t work for all cables (especially thick ones), but this is an elegant solution for the majority of thinner computer and phone cables. Only $4.95 too.

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Doug Stewart 05 Aug 05

Excellent excellent idea, but unless the cable is sending a digital signal (USB, DVI, etc.), coiling it is just going to cause interference. Probably not much as long as it’s short though.

Matt Moriarity 05 Aug 05

That’s one of the nicest looking solutions to cable management I’ve ever seen. I’m tempted to get some.

Ryan Schroeder 05 Aug 05

yeah, I saw this at macworld. They’re pretty slick. Really one work for smaller cables though. And even then the result feels quite a bit bigger than it should be. Love the way they attached to things though, back of a monitor for example.

Dan Wolfgang 05 Aug 05

Looks very cool! But, gee, based on the pictures it only works for Apple products? Hmph.

Jeff Hartman 05 Aug 05

For the hip crowd it’s just called the “Cable (Wha’s Up) Yo?” and comes pimped out in gold and jewels.

Jin 22 Feb 06

Stacking multiple YoYo’s pretty cool.