Equal Opportunities and other office life photos Matt 15 Dec 2005

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Need a photo that shows a diverse workplace environment? Try Equal Opportunities, part of the over the top cheesy business shots of NWYH Stock Photography.

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Matt 15 Dec 05

Wow. I can use all of these! Thank you Matt. Thank you so much!

Dan Boland 15 Dec 05

I can’t stop laughing, that shit is so funny…

Chris 15 Dec 05

If you want cheesy try the Hemera range of DVDs. They’re priceless.

jk 15 Dec 05

The guy in the neck brace is over-the-top. Very funny.

jordan 15 Dec 05

The guys in the logo look like they’re setting up for some good ol’ sodomy.

Tracey 15 Dec 05

This is insane. Vince that _is_ hillarious. I’m calling the Rev. Jesse Jackson. ;-)

Reverend Dan 15 Dec 05

This is awesome, but I’m sure it must be a pisstake. It’s too staged to be real, i smell viral.

Anonymous Coward 15 Dec 05

It sad to think that you read the same blog and yet cannot grasp sarcasm when it’s thrown at you…

Warren 16 Dec 05

Wonderful take on stock images

Let the fantastic Brit humour shine through and bask for a while

love it!

Like photos.com meets ‘the office’

Peter 16 Dec 05

“No staff members were hurt in the production of this collection”

Except the belly muscles from laughing…

Warren 16 Dec 05

charles, take yer spam elsewhere please buddy