Fade Technique tee Matt 11 Sep 2006

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Who would have guessed the Yellow Fade Technique would eventually lead to this?…

fade tech t

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Bad grammar makes me [sic]

commie party
The Communist Party

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Guy 11 Sep 06

I’m not sure I understand the communist one..

Also, does the Submit label respond to hand hovers? :)

dru 11 Sep 06

Its a party that is attended by a bunch of Communists
Lennin, Mao, Che(?), ?, and ?

Greg 11 Sep 06

Left to right: Stalin, Castro, Lenin Mao, Marx.

Marx with the lampshade on his head, by the way, has me seriously considering buying that shirt. Nerdshirts are the best.

Anthony Eden 11 Sep 06

Post Rails Conf Jon put together the “:3000 is the new :8080” shirt:


Red is the new black.

Jon Maddox 11 Sep 06

Ha, thanks for the plug Anthony.

The communist party shirt rules. I ordered mine right when they did a reprint. I love that shirt.

Guy 11 Sep 06

What I meant was I didn’t understand the link between the yellow fade and the communist ‘party’ shirt, altough it does look great.

David F 11 Sep 06

Interesting that it’s deemed socially acceptable to have figures like Stalin on a t-shirt, whereas you’d be lynched in the streets if you wore one like that with Hitler on it. Stalin’s regime committed atrocities on a level and scale comparable to Hitler’s, but because he was one of the “good guys” it’s all okay.

Ridiculous hypocrisy.

Joe Ruby 11 Sep 06

I don’t see any of the people on the communist party t-shirt as “good guys.” It’s a funny shirt though.

The bad grammar shirt is funny too.

David F 11 Sep 06

Would you wear an “funny” t-shirt with Hitler and Mussolini on it? Would you be surprised if someone jewish came up and slapped you in the face while you were wearing it? Don’t be surprised if the same thing happens while you’re parading Stalin (or Mao for that matter) as your poster boy.

Look, I understand that it’s meant to be funny, and honestly I can see the humor in it. To many other people it’s just plain offensive, and for good reason.

How far do you think I’d get down the street in NYC if I wore a t-shirt with Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda lieutentants playing ping pong?

Joe Ruby 11 Sep 06

LOL, it’s a JOKE. I think it’s belittling the communist leaders if anything else.

And morons often wear Hitler t-shirts comparing Bush to Hitler. I’ve seen bin Laden shirts too. It’s free speech. Slapping somebody is assault and battery.

stp 11 Sep 06

I guess David F didn’t like The Producers then…

David F 11 Sep 06

You’re deluding yourself if you think that a judge or the cops will bring charges against any jewish person who slaps someone glorifying Hitler on a t-shirt. Chances are the police will find a way to turn it around into anti semitism and a hate crime on the shirt wearers part.

It’s not that I can’t see the humor in it, that’s not the issue. What I think it’s hypocritical that any t-shirt with a genocidal dictator on it could be considered mainstream and funny. I’m sure my grandmother whose entire village was slaughtered by Stalin’s soldiers would think it was hilarious! Go Stalin! He’s a real party animal!

Hey, but you know, it’s a JOKE!! I’m gonna start chruning out the Pol Pot and Mugabe t-shirts! It’ll be a barrel of laughs! How funny is that?!?

Of course none of those guys killed any Americans, so it’s okay, right?

Joe Ruby 11 Sep 06

Wow, go read about Mel Brooks reasons for creating The Producers…

And you’re deluding yourself if you think any fair judge would consider free speech a crime, and battery not one.

Hubris Sonic 12 Sep 06

Tempers Flare…. t-shirts, such a controversial topic.

Jack 12 Sep 06

Aren’t t-shirts like the poster child for free speech in America?

Admittedly my American history is very vague and nonsensical so feel free to correct me.

Aaron Blohowiak 12 Sep 06


humor = pain + distance


James 12 Sep 06

Damn that guy in the yellow fade technique shirt be sexy.

Joe Ruby 12 Sep 06

Jack: Bumper stickers.

J. Bish 12 Sep 06

On a lighter note, the “Shakespeare Hates Your Emo Poems” and “Meat is Murder. Tasty, Tasty Murder” t-shirts at Threadless are pretty funny.

Nat 28 Sep 06

So first off, I have the communist shirt and am wearing it right now; it’s awesome.

I also have a Che shirt that says “I have no idea who this is” at the bottom.

Now, Che was responsible for the deaths of many, many people, and although my shirt is humourous, you see tons of Che shirts that aren’t. If any one wearing a Che shirt was assulted by a Bolivian, I have no doubt that the judge woud rule in favour of the assultee. More so, I doubt it would even go to court because I can’t think of a lawyer who wouldn’t settle out of court.

Also, the shirt features Marx, Lenin, and Castro, none of whom were responsible for genocides. Sure Lenin killed a few people, but so do most world leaders. It’s a play on words, which is why it’s funny, not because it’s portraying bad people having fun. Also, it’s in reference to a concept, that isn’t fundementally wrong. The fact that some “bad people” happen to be the “poster boys” for an idea is almost irrelevant.