Field Tested Books, 2006 Jason 08 Jun 2006

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With the near-arrival of Summer 2006, our officemates at Coudal have just launched the 2006 edition of field tested books.

The Field-Tested Books project is our version of the Heisenberg principle: reading a certain book in a certain place uniquely affects a person’s experience with both. The writing you’ll find here is grounded in that idea. You won’t find any book reviews here. You’ll find reviews of experience.

You can also grab a poster designed by the artists at Aesthetic Apparatus.

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Don Wilson 08 Jun 06

Something to point out, they’ve geniously designed their list of books on the right hand side of every review with checkboxes and links that you’ve been to are automatically checked, thus letting you know which reviews you’ve read.

filmnut 08 Jun 06

This would work for films and music too. In fact, I would argue that these two mediums are affected even more by one’s surroundings.

Jonathan Brodsky 08 Jun 06

I agree with filmnut. I find it strage that so many people soundtrack their life with their ‘pods. I would guess that it is easier to listen to something that you know at least one other person in the world has heard rather than something that has possibly never been heard before.

On the otherside of the same coin, it is cool to produce things that people would rather consume than the sights and sounds of the world that surrounds them.

John Lewis 09 Jun 06

I’m starting to sense a bit of inbreeding with this blod and Coudal. I know you both share the Deck, but I already read Coudal. I feel like my time is wasted reading about it again here.

Robert 09 Jun 06

John Lewis -

That might win the award for dumbest, most obnoxiously whiny for no reason post in the history of SvN, which is a real achievement.


John Lewis 09 Jun 06

Thanks Robert. One of us deserves the troll hat.

Robert Monn 09 Jun 06

Really John, think about it — this is a blog for everyone and not just you. I do not read Coudal every day but I found this post to be very wonderful. Frankly I’m a little tired of people constantly complaining about kind of duplication… if it didn’t exist everyone (including you) would miss out on some good work and that is that. Also, don’t you feel like it is a bit out of place to assert that kind of a thing to an author? Would you appreciate it if someone did that to you? I personally find that the more comments like yours that I field the less enthusiastic I am about sharing anything.

John Lewis 09 Jun 06

Ok Robert, you’ve swayed me. Perhaps I was just in a bad mood, perhaps I should have sent it as a private message. Consider this a public apology and please delete my previous two comments.