Filters and the long tail Matt 05 Jul 2005

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Wired editor Chris Anderson’s “Pre-filters” vs. “Post-filters” discusses how a long-tail market relies on a different set of filters: advisors instead of gatekeepers. With cheap and plentiful distribution, shelf-space is no longer at a premium. That means that instead of editors, A&R men, Hollywood studio execs, and the like deciding what reaches the masses, post-filters like Google, MP3 blogs, and Amazon’s customer recommendations take the helm. Anderson says, “…the day when people like me decide what makes it to market and what doesn’t is fading. Soon everything will make it to market and the real opportunity will be in sorting it all out.”

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Anonymous Coward 05 Jul 05

When is Wired going to call “The Long Tail” tired?

Art Wells 05 Jul 05

When their subscription numbers start showing they’re in it?