Flavorpill’s F-List Matt 19 Dec 2005

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Flavorpill’s emailer regularly spotlights cool and interesting cultural happenings that don’t get attention elsewhere. Now the publisher is expanding its web presence and attempting to make flavorpill.net “the place to manage your cultural life.”

The movement starts with The F-List, a best-of guide to artists, trends, and technologies. The online recommendations include sections on blogs, design, and tools (including a shoutout to Backpack).

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brad 19 Dec 05

Kind of an unfortunate branding issue with this. To me an F-list would logically be a worst-of guide, devoted to things or events that deserve an “F” grade or are otherwise “f-ed.”

MH 19 Dec 05

…but it depends on the audience. I would guess (judging from the appearance of the site) that the intended audience would “get” the irony/humor in the name.

Jim 19 Dec 05

What the hell did they mean by:

“Look for a newer version batched into MS Office or Windows soon.

Are you guys actually doing something along these lines? Just a joke maybe? Or is he saying that MS is going to swipe the idea?

Stephen 19 Dec 05

Is it just me or does F-list seem to drop the ball in the “design” category? I don’t remember the last time I saw so many IFRAMES and nested tables on design sites.

F-list does a much better job in the online “tools” section and the blogs aren’t bad, but it’s disappointing that their list of design sites don’t “avoid the pitfalls of 99.9% of the World Wide Web.”

BCM 19 Dec 05

I’d have to agree with Stephen, the designs aren’t very impressive.

Jocelyn Glei 19 Dec 05

hi there,

jocelyn from Flavorpill here. just caught onto this thread. thanks for all of the great feedback guys—we love signal vs. noise!

your comments pointed out the misleading nature of our copy introducing the “Design” section of the F-List which we’ve since rename Design Resources and rewritten the intro for.

the intent of the section is more to focus on our 5 picks as websites that are good resources for uncovering some of the hottest online design, very much from a graphic designer’s perspective. but not to hold up those 5 sites *themselves* as paragons of good design. they’re more resources for finding good design.


thanks again for the input.

jocelyn k. glei