For Backpack’s 1-week anniversary we give you Backpack Mobile 10 May 2005

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Got a Treo, cell phone with a web browser, or a wireless PDA with web access? Want to access your Backpack pages from anywhere? Want to add reminders and make new pages on the commute into work, from the beach, or at the airport? Wishing you could get to your Backpack pages and reminders when you are away from your computer? Your wish has been granted.

Say hello to Backpack Mobile. Access to Backpack Mobile is included on all account levels (including the free plan). We hope you find this useful.

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Keith 10 May 05

Nice work. You guys rule. I was just this morning wishing I could set myself a reminder via my Treo…

Dan Boland 10 May 05

Brilliant. Now all I need is a Treo. =D

DaleV 10 May 05

Perfect. Works great on my 650

Mike D. 10 May 05

No, don’t tell Russell please. He’ll just write another post about how the Treo is “not a worthy platform to develop for”. This is a perfect example of why that sort of thinking makes no sense in an IP-connected world. 37signals creates a great mobile app. They didn’t “develop it for the Treo platform” or any other mobile platform for that matter. They developed it with simple HTML that any wireless device worth its weight in silicon can understand and interact with. Hence, it works on Treos and any other decent wireless device. Excellent work.

Matthew P 10 May 05

Sweet.. looks pretty good on a sidekick II.

Dan Boland 10 May 05

I read Russell’s post, and the whole thing smacks of “I wasn’t going to like this even before I began, so I’m going to overemphasize whatever negative thing I find and ignore the potential usefulness of the application.”

Nicholas 10 May 05

Anyone successfully tried on the SonyEricsson t616/610 browser? I put in my password, but it kicks me back to the password page again. I can login in firefox so my password is not wrong. ??

Joel Syverud 10 May 05

I get the same result as Nicholas with my Nokia 3100… But it sounds really nice, so I hope this will work out =)
(you guys might wanna add something to :P)

Scott 10 May 05

Nice… Looks great on my SonyEricsson P800

p8 10 May 05

The problem with the 3100 is it’s use of cases. Input forms always start with an upper case and URL’s must be all lowercase.

JF 10 May 05

p8, can you elaborate? Do you mean “form” needs to be “Form” ?

Travholt 10 May 05

You know, just the other day I was checking out Backpack on my Treo in a bored moment waiting for my girlfriend. Needless to say, it didn’t quite work. But now you guys have fixed that — and it works with my Treo too! Here in Norway there’s not a big market for Treo phones, so I feel quite “alone” sometimes. And because of the small market, no phone companies support the Treo directly, either. Nice to see it mentioned first in _your_ list. :-)

Tony 10 May 05

I can’t log in from my Cingular LG L1400 either.

p8 11 May 05

JF, if my username is ‘jefF’, the nokia 3100 submits ‘Jeff’. The samething applies to passwords and other input fields.

Joshua Kaufman 11 May 05

This is great, but I’m also having trouble logging in from my Motorola V525 on Vodafone Live.

Alberto 11 May 05

There should not be any need to develop a separate version for mobile browsers. Just developing the main version with mobile browsers in mind should be enough.

The browsers in most (new) phones support XHTML+CSS. Being standards compliant should assure compatibility across most platforms. True, JavaScript support is almost never the case, but making sure that the scripting in your pages/apps degrades gracefully should take care of that.

I know that it is an ideal case and prbably easier to realise for a “plain weblog” than for a full web-app, but why do we need a 2nd “mobile web” next to the current web we already have? Just a thought.

Joel Syverud 13 May 05

p8: Thanks for the explanation, guess I’ll just have to wait until I get a new phone :).

Mike D. 14 May 05

Alberto: What you say is true in theory, but usually not in practice. With the limited HTML/CSS support in wireless devices these days combined with the slow speeds exhibited on wireless networks, a separate version is usually the better way to go. It just doesn’t make sense to load a 50k page with images and all sorts of other stuff mobile phones don’t need and then try to hide all of the “non-mobile” stuff with CSS. Can you do it? Yes. It is ideal? No.

So instead, what you do is server-side variations. If your templates and CMS are written well, you can spit out a mobile version of the site rather automatically. The server hides all the stuff the mobile devices don’t need, subtly rewrites code so that it doesn’t require JS, and then serves it directly to the device. The only different between this and what you’re suggested is that you offload the code branching to the server, instead of the client (who can barely handle it).

..ak 18 May 05

This is were I beg to have this functionality on Ta-Da List.

Trachalio 07 Jun 05

Having issues with my Samsung A660. Every time I punch in my password I just get sent back to the password screen. I’ve checked and double checked to make sure the password is correct (it is) but I can’t seem to get beyond the login screen on my phone.