For Sale: HP Laserjet 4000N and a 1GHz Powermac G4 tower 16 Aug 2005

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HP Laserjet 4000N, Adobe PostScript Level 2 emulation, 1200 x 1200 DPI, 17PPM, black and white. Price: $250

1GHz Apple Powermac G4 Tower, 60 GB hard drive, 756 MB of RAM. Price: $350

We’d prefer to sell locally (Chicagoland) so we don’t have to ship. If interested, please email jason at 37signals dot com. Thanks.

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Carl 16 Aug 05

*tries not to droll on the screen*
I’ve wanted a mac for so long…
Rent and food money is really not that important… right?

Adrian H. 16 Aug 05

The “1GHz Apple Powermac G4 Tower” link is broken.

pixelenator 16 Aug 05

How Much will it cost to ship it to oklahoma city?

Paul 16 Aug 05

If you can’t sell it local I’ll take it shipped to NYC :)

Joe Beharriell 16 Aug 05

I’ve been waiting to see the outcome, as I’ve got a little one with an old Mac still running OS 9.

She spends more time glued to my PowerBook using the tablet and my graphic applications. It’d be nice to have my PowerBook back. :)

Dan Hartung 17 Aug 05

See, this is what happens when everybody yells at them for shilling the products on the blog. Let this be a lesson to us all.

Anders M 17 Aug 05

Any riots outside your office yet?

j 19 Aug 05

I live in Chi town. Is it a dual?

JF 19 Aug 05

The Powermac has been sold. The printer is still available.

Suzie 06 Oct 05

I have a emachines computer tower. The mother board is blown but everything eles is fine. How much could I sell this for and still get a good deal out of it? Please let me know asap please, Thank u