Forbes’ top small biz blogs Matt 27 Jul 2005

11 comments Latest by Dan Hartung just announced its best of the web. Below are the top small business blogs (other blogs here).

Duct Tape Marketing
All Business Blog Center
Church of the Customer
Fresh Inc
Small Business Trends
Entrepreneurial Mind
Small Business Brief

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A 27 Jul 05

“announced it�s best of the web…”

Ok guys, for a company that’s made a big deal about how important it is to hire good writers, you really should use “it’s” and “its” correctly.

“Its” is used the same way as “his” and “hers.” If Bob Forbes had announced “his best of the web,” you wouldn’t use an apostrophe. Same here.

“It’s” means “is is.” Never. Anything. Else. “It’s hot out today.” “It’s almost time to leave.” “It’s nice of you to make me dinner.”

Christopher 27 Jul 05

All hail the grammar nazi!

JF 27 Jul 05

Actually we hire humans and humans make mistakes. Thanks for pointing it out. It’s been corrected.

a 27 Jul 05

No, seriously. This kind of mistake is amateurish writing that mars content just as badly as, say, a pointless drop shadow or bevel does.

“If you think every pixel matters then you also need to think every letter matters.” If Copyrighting is Interface Design, then good grammar means putting the pixels in the proper place.

JF 27 Jul 05

Yes, seriously, We know and agree. And yes, seriously, we fixed it. Thanks again for pointing it out.

a 27 Jul 05

Yeah the whole “human” thing never works out well for us nazis. :-)

haha! you are an idiot! 27 Jul 05

�It�s� means �is is.�

How do you feel now you? Stupid? Good!

please, just stop 27 Jul 05

How do you feel now you?

You? Sigh…

Todd 27 Jul 05

Could this list have been any more useless? I nominate this Forbes for “worst of the web.”

8500 27 Jul 05

I dont’ tool around the web as much as I used to but these sites look pretty interesting to me. Thanks for pointing out the list.

Dan Hartung 28 Jul 05

I just added every feed (at least for a week).

I usually come to every 37signals post to see the thread. Today…