is looking for a web designer 27 Jul 2005

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If you’re a web designer in Kansas City there may be no better place to work than at (don’t judge them by their public site — it’s their not-yet-launched redesigned tools that are the real gems). The guy in charge of their web apps has been a client of ours for over 8 years and definitely “gets it.” He really cares about the overall customer experience. Anyone working with/for him will have an opportunity to build deeply customer-focused apps with an emphasis on getting work done quickly, easily, and with maximum satisfaction. If you think you may be the person for the job, send an email to jroberts -at- (Jason Roberts).

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pixelenator 27 Jul 05

Too Bad they are asking for a Bachelor�s degree, and whether you are a computer science or graphic design major, CSS and xhtml are not offered as a required classes.

Ben 27 Jul 05

If you’re as good as someone with a bachelors degree then apply :) It never hurt to try.

Jason Roberts 27 Jul 05

Yes, please, if you’re sharp but don’t have the diploma (or if it’s in another field altogether), still send me a note.

Rajiv 27 Jul 05

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the staff before. They are a good group of people.

And, no, I do not work for them nor am I being paid to say this :).

Hilarie 27 Jul 05

DANG, I wish they were in St. Louis.

Darrel 27 Jul 05

Inane HR job requirements are just a screen for lazy folks that don’t take the time to ignore them. ;o)

Tom Moon 11 May 06

If you want to jump on board of a sinking ship, then I suggest working for them. They have grown too fast too soon and word has it that they will not be part of ebay next year.

I worked for them and I have nothing positive to say, they change their minds on a whim.

Good luck with that.