From the Robot Co-op comes 43places 28 Jun 2005

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Our friends at the Robot Co-op put their faith one more time in the number 43 and launch 43places. Share stories about great places in your city and around the world. Where have you been and where do you want go?

Get a taste of the site by checking out the most popular places, new places people added today, recent journal entries about places, and questions people have about places.

Another Ruby on Rails production (just like the new ODEO site and all of our products).

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Alex King 28 Jun 05

Ohh… the site doesn’t look too great. Maybe the background up top just reminds me of too many FrontPage sites I’ve seen. I’ll probably get used to it though, it certainly is an interesting concept.

Will the Ruby on Rails sickness ever end? :)

Probably when we see something cool/exciting/half decent made with enterprise Java.

Craig 28 Jun 05

Alex, i have to agree. Not to step on any toes around these parts, but I am not overly impressed.
After checking out 43places and finding something that is basically 43things with a Flash Map it’s rather underwhelming…I was excited by the idea, but i think it needs some more work before it will be the first place i look to when travelling. One thing that really stuck out, was the way images are pulled from flickr, a lot of the time i was getting images that had nothing to do with the city i was trying to see!

I know the Robot guys can make a successful app, so I look forward to future revisions.

Ian Ashley 28 Jun 05

I actually like the 43 Things designs - they’re refreshingly simple and intuitive. However, I can’t just can’t get “into” the whole concept of the sites. After 20 minutes of clicking around I lose interest and never get the urge to return.

JF 28 Jun 05

For the record, we didn’t design 43 Places. We designed the original 43 Things site, and 43 Places is based on 43 Things, but we didn’t have any involvement in 43 Places. We don’t want to take credit (or blame) for someone else’s work.

Shane Vitarana 28 Jun 05

Oh no! Someone beat me to it! Doing a vacation blog meets social networking site was #2 on my list of pet projects to do this year. Now I need to get back to working on #1.

Levi 29 Jun 05

Shoddy design, in my opinion. It seems like just a hack-job of the great original.

The map seems especially poorly-executed.

Levi 29 Jun 05

“Probably when we see something cool/exciting/half decent made with enterprise Java.”

I’m not totally sure, but I think that Blogger is powered by Java. I think that it’s a pretty great app.

Jeff 29 Jun 05

i went to their site and on the front page i see…

“1,699 people in 666 cities are going to 1,673 places including�”

numbers from a db? or are they trying to tell me satan is the way to go?

Patrick Haney 01 Jul 05

I have been addicted to this site for 2 days now. Why must you torment me with great web applications that I cannot stop playing with? Why?!