Gehry, Pitt, and Kravitz Matt 22 Jul 2005

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So who do you call when you need your wine cellar renovated? If you’re Brad Pitt, you call Frank Gehry. But What I Really Want to Do Is Design (NY Times) explains:

Mr. Pitt, who declined to be interviewed for this article, met Mr. Gehry in 2001. He went to Mr. Pitt and Ms. Aniston’s home to renovate their wine cellar. Mr. Pitt subsequently did an informal apprenticeship in Mr. Gehry’s Los Angeles office. In Vanity Fair last year Mr. Pitt quoted Mr. Gehry the way method actors cite Lee Strasberg: “He said to me, ‘If you know where it’s going, it’s not worth doing.’ That’s become like a mantra for me. That’s the life of the artist.”

The article also explores the interior design of Lenny Kravitz (slideshow).

Mr. Kravitz is an insane perfectionist…[and] thinks he shares this quality with Mr. Pitt. (They met in a store once and exchanged numbers but never followed up.) “I think he’s obsessed the way I am,” he said. “Every screw, every hinge. Dude, details are details!” Le Corbusier would surely have agreed.

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edmz 22 Jul 05

The link to the slideshow is not working.

Darrel 22 Jul 05

The article’s Teaser:

“Male sex symbols, who might have once raced cars or raised cattle, now boast about their obsession with tavertine and fabric swatches.”

The wonder that is our modern new media.

Darrel 22 Jul 05

newS media

Mike 22 Jul 05

Didn’t Brad Pitt drop out of architecture school in Missouri? Somewhere in my gray matter I remember hearing that (not a bad career move).

I hope Gehry handled the wine cellar better than his hackish, formulaic exteriors.

Don Schenck 22 Jul 05

My wine cellar is my own design: racks in the crawl space.

I’m designing my built-in wine cabinet and cigar humidor. I’ll post pictures on my blog in the future.

“Mmmmm … wine …”

NathanB 22 Jul 05

I wonder if Pitt’s wine cellar will also harness the sun’s power to fry pedestrians.

Stopp Pitting 22 Jul 05

First I watch the Today show where Katie Couric grilled Courtney Cox on the Pitt/Aniston situation followed by Couric’s interview with Billy Bob Thornton (and subsequent questions about Pitt/Jolie)… Now a post on SvN about Pitt’s architectural interests.

Where does the Brad Pitt madness stop and reality begin?

But hey, you’ve gotta love the irony of a man who played Tyler Durden (“The things you own, end up owning you.”) talking about his obsession with tavertine and fabric swatches.

Mike 22 Jul 05

Brad Pitt will not stop until he has reached global domination (or completely loses it and joins Scientology and starts badgering everybody about anti-depressants and showing off his 26 year old arm candy/fiance). Oh god, I know way too much about Hollywood’s hunksters.

And don’t forget his role in Early Grace in Kalifornia. Architecture coming out of that guy?!?

hipocratico 22 Jul 05

Matt Linderman can I have your email? Thanks

hipocratico 22 Jul 05

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