GEL Conference 2006 Jason 04 Apr 2006

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The GEL Conference is one of a kind and it’s just around the corner. It’s definitely the best conference I’ve ever attended. One of the things that makes it so great is that each speaker only has 20 minutes to speak. LESS TIME = more “get to the point” content.

I’ve been pestering Mark Hurst for a speaking slot for a couple years now and he finally gave in. I’ll be speaking along with some far more interesting speakers this year. Thanks Mark!

GEL is May 4 and 5 in NYC. If you have the means, don’t miss it.

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Hass 04 Apr 06

it all looks great until you see the price! that’s as much as an iMac!

street 04 Apr 06

And no Karamazov Brothers this year. So unless they book either FKB or Carrot Top, I certainly won’t be going.

Dear Hass, 04 Apr 06

These conferences are not for the lowly likes of you and me. They are for the superstars, with expense accounts and video iPods and hardwood floors.

Maybe they’ll throw us some transcripts if we’re lucky.

Christopher Fahey 04 Apr 06

GEL looks like an absolutely fantastic experience, but I’d feel a bit awkward paying $1200-$1500 for it. It’s a price point that it pretty much excludes almost anyone in the early stages of their careers, exactly the people who would probably benefit most from this stuff. By the time I’m able to afford that price I’ll be at a point in my career that I may even be qualified to be a speaker and get in for free! ;-) (although at least I wouldn’t have to pay for a hotel)

This is why SXSW is so great. Yes, the speakers aren’t quite the heavy hitters that the GEL speakers are, but the price point is so damn low that young, enthusiastic, & ambitious people can actually afford to attend.

Then again, maybe the price point ensures that one’s fellow attendees will only include high-level executives and successful professionals, no scrubs, and maybe that’s a good thing.

Adam Arp 04 Apr 06

The other nice thing about the SXSW pricepoint is that it’s much easier to persuade your company to pay for you to go :)

Alan De Keyrel 04 Apr 06

It won’t be long and the Getting Real Workshop will be very similar in price. As a past attendee, I hope they will prove me wrong.

George Girton 06 Apr 06

The Flying Karamazov Brothers are not a good experience if they are juggling hatchets and you are selected to be onstage… they are a GREAT experience. I have always enjoyed the GEL conference but — so sad — have never actually been able to attend (I don’t have that iMac either).

Sean 17 Apr 06

I have 2 tickets to the event (can’t make it anymore) for sale for $750 a piece. 1/2 price and we can transfer them to you via the Conference organizers. Let me know if you want them.