Get a job (at Behavior in NYC) 01 Jul 2005

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Our friends at Behavior in NYC “need talented visual designers, developers (client-side coders) and project managers for full-time contract work in the New York City area — all experience levels are welcome, though the more experience the better.” If you think you’re a match, get in touch with Khoi Vinh at khoiv at

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Anonymous Coward 01 Jul 05

“state-of-the-art” ugly and messy, maybe.

Dan Boland 01 Jul 05

Everybody offers jobs, so why not use Jobazaar, the state-of-the-art job marketplace with tags and RSS.

Because there’s like 10 listings on the whole site. That’s the problem with a good idea such as this, it doesn’t matter at all unless there are numbers…

Vince 01 Jul 05

Jobazaar is a good service, but better to initially cast a line into the pool of like-minded folks that read SvN, I think…

Reese 01 Jul 05

There are only few jobs, that’s true. But I think every new site has these problems. What would you do to avoid that? Everyone thinks “uhm… no I don’t want to if others don’t want to”…

Dan Boland 01 Jul 05

There are only few jobs, that�s true. But I think every new site has these problems.

That’s my point, it’s a catch 22. It’s hard for a site like Jobazaar to be successful without numbers, yet it’s the numbers that fosters its success.

Geof Harries 01 Jul 05

…full-time contract work in the New York City area

Full-time contract work in NYC? Too bad they’re not accepting applicaitons from a more global spectrum. What about us Canucks especially those, like myself for instance, living north of 60 - we have Internet access too, y’know :)


L A Silberman 01 Jul 05

I’m sorry…

I’m confused…

When did the economy get so good and the opportunities so plentiful that we are now critiquing how companies post their openings?


Ben Eastaugh 02 Jul 05

Geof: possibly because they’re old-fashioned enough to want to be able to sit in a room with someone and discuss a project. I work remotely for a number of clients, and I must say, I do prefer being able to actually have physical meetings with them wherever possible, rather than just batting emails back and forth. Given that, it’s entirely understandable that some companies want to work in the same way. I know the Signals work in a way that maximises the advantages of distributed working, and I’m sure many companies do the same, but it’s not necessarily wrong to want to have a physical office where the entire company works.

Paul 02 Jul 05

Did they say ‘talented?’ Dang, they always say ‘talented.’

but has a lot of heart 03 Jul 05

Talented… yeah.. I am out.

Geof Harries 04 Jul 05

Jobazaar seems like a very cool idea that is just getting its start and deserves props for taking a totally different approach to job/contract searches. Sure, it could use some help with the user interface and overall experience, but from what I’ve seen, the concept is unique and quite modern.

If you compare it against the ol’ timers like (which is admittedly still quite workable and has its purpose) Jobazaar brings some fresh ideas to the table. Instead of knocking it down right away, I think we should give credit where it’s due.