Getting Real Workshop: Less than 10 seats remain Jason 14 Sep 2006

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Less than 10 seats remain for the Getting Real Workshop in Chicago on Oct 9. The workshop is a full day of discussion about ideas, business, design, programming, marketing, promotion, and support the 37signals way.

This will be the last workshop of the year. All previous workshops have sold out going back to 2004. If you want to make this workshop sign up quick before the doors close.

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago on Oct 9.

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frum 14 Sep 06

Do you think it is taking longer to sell out because of the book?

Joel 14 Sep 06

So what’s it take to get the slides and book for taking the seminar in June? I’ve sent several e-mails to 37signals without a single response.

It’s starting to get really annoying.

JF 14 Sep 06

Joel, we’ve sent all this out. Some people emailed about not getting it and we resent it. I wonder if there’s some spam blockage going on.