Getting Real Workshop: We’ve opened a few more slots Jason 12 Dec 2005

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The Getting Real workshop sold out in 12 hours. We just had a cancellation so we’re opening that person’s slot plus 4 more for a total of 5 more seats at the workshop. These should go fast so if you missed your first opportunity to get a seat, here’s your last opportunity.

UPDATE: Sold out.

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JF 12 Dec 05

Just sold out the 5 extra spots. Thanks to everyone who made it in.

Nick Ciske 12 Dec 05

I just snagged the last spot! Joy.

Kyle Posey 13 Dec 05

You could have saved some time and included the “UPDATE: Sold out.” in the original post. :)

NCB 30 Dec 05

How about bringing this to the Atlanta area!!!!