Good Experience Games Matt 12 Jul 2005

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Mark Hurst’s latest project is Good Experience Games, a filtered list of online games that offer “good game design with an overall attention to quality.”

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DaleV 12 Jul 05

Try “Tranquility.”

ffub 12 Jul 05

“they’re all free, online, and available right now”

Well, for certain operating systems.

Dan Boland 12 Jul 05

Yeah, Kottke posted a link to Chain Reaction (shown as Chaos Theory on the game’s page) and I’ve been pissing away my time ever since. Very addictive.

MrBlank 13 Jul 05

(Text Twist says it doesn’t work on a Mac, but it does in Firefox.)

elv 14 Jul 05

I think Globulos is missing.

Jack 19 Jul 05

This is an interesting one. Visit my site at the link above.