Good stuff to hear/watch Matt 06 Apr 2006

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Seth Godin speaks to Google: “Technology doesn’t win…Technology gives you a shot at marketing.” Seth does a nice job of using interesting photos instead of straight text slides.

This Coudal video has the cutest damn voiceover ever…”He’s making bags of air!”

This MP3 features Kathy Sierra talking about creating passionate users at a conference in Montreal. Btw, Kathy is also looking for people who are passionate about tech products for her new book.

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RS 06 Apr 06

I loved this bit from Godin’s talk:

“I don’t think people surf the web. I think this whole idea of surfing the web is a little bit of a fraud. Cuz when you surf you’re effortlessly – if you’re good at it – effortlessly going from side to side and thing to thing. That’s not what people really do. What they do is they poke. They poke around a lot.”

dave rau 06 Apr 06

Poke! I love that. I’ve watched that video like 3 times in the last month; I love Seth’s direct language. Likely the best video I’ve seen on google video. Maybe except for some really sweet break dancing!

xian 06 Apr 06

Pretty sure that video at Coudal’s site is from Sesame Street. I’ve seen that “What’s He Doing?” format before. Bags of air, indeed. Sounds like a metaphor.

JF 06 Apr 06

Xian, those are his kids’ voices.

shiny! 07 Apr 06

So I guess I am not the only one who watches WonderShowzen.
Heaven is where drunk daddies drive to.

xian 11 Apr 06

Hmmm, perhaps I’m hallucinating then (it wouldn’t be the first time), but I can swear I’ve seen a very similar format: someone doing something mechanical / industrial with kids trying to guess what it is as voice over.