Google 2005 Year-End Zeitgeist Jason 29 Dec 2005

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Google shares their top searches of the year and correlates searches with natural disasters, pits pop princesses head to head, and suggests a seasonal search pattern for snowboarding. Well presented.

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Don Wilson 30 Dec 05

Very cool, though I think the lines on the graph are a little thick and are nearly incomparible when the results are similiar.

ethan 30 Dec 05

Very well presented. I think its pretty cool.

robert 30 Dec 05

Isn’t it weird, that five of the top ten news searches are celebrities’ names? Three more are games and tv stuff. Do people really care more for Janet Jackson than anything else? Sick.

Jens Meiert 30 Dec 05

Agreed, that’s a really interesting information visualization, well associated with certain events. Better information design than before.

Gstfssn 30 Dec 05

I think it looks pretty nice; the tabs with the big colored field, the graphs. Looks nicer than many other Google designs.