Google joins Carson Workshops Summit RyanC 20 Dec 2005

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We’re excited to announce that Google has officially joined the line-up for Carson Workshops Summit "The Future of Web Apps". This should be a great chance to see what they’ve got up their sleeve for the future.

Here’s the new lineup:

  1. Joshua Schachter
  2. Steven Crossan & Douwe Osinga
  3. David Heinemeier Hansson
    37 Signals
  4. Eric Costello
  5. Steve Olechowski
  6. Shaun Inman
  7. Tom Coates
  8. Ryan Carson
  9. Andrew Shorten
    Adobe / Macromedia Flex

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Oscar Duignan 20 Dec 05

Yay, more for my money, should be really good.

Walter Higgins 20 Dec 05

Looking forward to it.

Sam 20 Dec 05

Wow, all-star line-up

Brian 20 Dec 05

Sounds like a great day. I hope to see more opportunities like this closer to (my) home. Adaptive Path’s “Designing & Building with Ajax” was excellent, but with rock stars like 37 Signals, Feedburner and Adrian Holovaty right here in Chicago, it got me wondering why there aren’t more web design/development/user experience/whatever events here in town. Or are there, and I’m just not aware of them?

Don Wilson 20 Dec 05

Yet another event too far away to travel to. Awesome.

Matt Turner 20 Dec 05

Hurrah, something on my side of the pond! This looks like a fantastic conference, really looking forward to it.

jhns 21 Dec 05

haha, i’ve read “elvis costello”…

Reinier Meenhorst / 21 Dec 05

Awesome - this is getting better all the time. I am glad we were so bold to register, even though we’ll have to fly over to London from The Netherlands.

@Brian: ‘rock stars’ - that’s funny.

Kieran 21 Dec 05

A w e s o m e

Craig Jones 21 Dec 05

Now to convice management that I need to go…..

Mike P. 21 Dec 05

Great news Ryan, thanks for putting together such a great line up!

A Noonie Moose 21 Dec 05

Would be a perfect opportunity to try out vlogging (ahem)

inoodle 22 Dec 05

Yeehaw, looking forward to meeting everyone!

Rolf 25 Dec 05

I’m exited beeing there.