Ground beef… panties? Ryan 03 Nov 2005

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I’m sure The New York Times will fix this shortly, but here’s a screenshot:

[Hat tip: SH]

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DaleV 03 Nov 05

Mmmmmm … the perfect product … . .

Jamie Tibbetts 03 Nov 05

Everyone, sing it with me: “Two all beef panties, special sauce…”

Oh, never mind. ;)

not my real name 03 Nov 05

Hmmm…. I wonder what was on the authors mind while they wrote that one….

Joe 03 Nov 05

That is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I mean it’s the funniest “all beef pattie” quote.

I am a vegetarian!

Dave Simon 03 Nov 05

I don’t think that’s sanitary! That’s why there is a recall, I guess.

Dan Boland 03 Nov 05

I’ve heard of edible panties, but this is ridiculous! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) =D

monkeyinabox 03 Nov 05

Wow, and it’s still there. Nobody mentioned that the panties were frozen! Doesn’t sound like fun to wear those. Burrrrrrrrr….

Anonymous 03 Nov 05

soon to be read by Jay Leno on the Tonight Show

Don Wilson 03 Nov 05

The beef is ground before it’s pattied.

Don Wilson 03 Nov 05

Haha, just saw the typo. Nevermind! ;)

Psyanide 03 Nov 05

It’s a new chastity belt geared towards (or against) those sexually immoral vegetarians/vegans/antibiotic junkies.

Parents can equip their daughter with one and sleep soundly knowing promiscuous hippy males will maintain a cautiously wide berth around their little princess.

Kim Siever 03 Nov 05

Are they cooked?

Stridey 03 Nov 05

The problem is, after you grind the panties, they’re pretty much useless. No wonder they’re recalling them!

(still up, btw)

Jowell 03 Nov 05

That seems intentional… patties.. panties… t is nowhere close to the n! ^^

Deirdre Saoirse Moen 03 Nov 05

Great typo.

Tyler 04 Nov 05

Hey guys,

Sorry about that. We can’t really fix the story because its automatically sent from Reuters. When (if) they update the story, it will auto-sync.


Phil 04 Nov 05

Heh; N is right next to T on dvorak.

Smap 04 Nov 05

The sad part is, the panties were contaminated by the QA tester.

Mike Cherim 04 Nov 05

Haha, that’s funny. I’ve tasted the fruit-flavored ones (very messy, not recommended), but ground beef sounds pretty good. Just add cheese ;-)