GSD (Getting Sideburns Done) 19 May 2005

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Sideburn stencils. It works (see testimonials for proof). [Hat tip: SH]

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Walker Hamilton 19 May 05

Damn I need this!
My mutton chops are getting out of control!

Dan Boland 19 May 05

That’s hilarious… that isn’t real, is it?

Matt 19 May 05

I first went to the testimonials page, and looking at the photos I thought the product was fake ‘paste on’ hair stickers, which would actually be impressive, considering the variety of beards shown.

Then I realized it’s just for people that can’t shave straight.

Even better. “Don’t let shaky hands cramp your style!”

I’ll take eight!

Tony Ramos 19 May 05

A smooth, clean and stubble-free example of the design principle that Edward Tufte likes to call “small multiples.”

monkeyinabox 19 May 05

Blah…that’s like picking up a book called “how to become a ninja in a day”. True skill requires practice and patience. This device is a cop out to side burn masters.