Gutter Stuff: A simple, low-tech solution to a common problem Jason 28 Nov 2005

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I’m a sucker for low-tech solutions to common problems. Gutter Stuff seems to be one of those rare gems that combines simple physics, simple materials, and simple installation to solve that age-old problem: leaves clogging up your gutters.

I’ve seen a lot of other products claim they stop clogs: mesh filters (stems and seeds still get caught), gutter brushes (that spike and trap materials), and expensive gutter guards, but a simple piece of foam that lets water through and nothing else is such a beautifully simple, low-tech solution. I love it. Watch the movie for a better idea of how simple this is.

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indi 28 Nov 05

Hmmm … seems like a good idea. I wonder how quickly the water can actually flow through the foam. This reminds me of the filter for my fish tank. Do you think moss would build up on the topside of the foam?

Tom 28 Nov 05

Yeahhhh…these look good! Good idea. I have the DIY version on my house, I have HUGE trees around my house and I get it in the spring and fall. What I have is a joke, but this looks legit. I’m going to contact the Chicago distro and see what they charge.

The only thing I wonder about is the small buds and twigs when the foam is wet…will they get lodged in? If the price is fair, it seems like it would be well worth it.

Dan Boland 28 Nov 05

I wonder if there is any difference between Gutter Stuff and regular packing foam besides the shape.

Kim Siever 28 Nov 05

What about leaves that fall when it’s raining and not windy and then dry being stuck on the foam?

Rich 28 Nov 05

A lot of the other gutter protecting technologies looked like great ideas at first glance too - Until you install them and find the flaws.

Good idea, but I don’t think I’ll hop on the bandwagon until they get a little more market recognition. Anyway, part of me likes climbing on my roof with a leaf blower every once in a while!

Jamie Tibbetts 28 Nov 05

indi’s right. It’s the same concept as aquarium filters. And speaking as someone who’s had aquariums for years, Gutter Stuff will work great for a month or two, and then the foam will get clogged with dirt debris. I think Gutter Stuff falls short in the same area as other gutter solutions do - longevity.

Big Roof 28 Nov 05

Even if the foam managed to stay free of dirt and debris, there is no way this will handle the volumn of water on a real roof.

Mark 28 Nov 05

Honestly, I think the mesh filter might be the better solution. It fits flat against the top as the sponge does, but it doesn’t impede the flow of water.

It’s funny that the video shows a gust of wind blowing hard enough to bounce the leaves completely over the gutter. I would think if a lighter gust was applied, a leaf would get just as easily caught up in the pourous foam as it would in the mesh filter.

Dan Boland 28 Nov 05

Update: I’m guessing that it isn’t regular packing foam. At least that’s what I can deduce.

I do admit to being skeptical as several others are, but I find it hard to believe that they would have a 25 year no clog (money back) guarantee on a product that doesn’t work. That tells me that it works better than you think it would, even though it sounds good to be true.

Carl 28 Nov 05

I think Gutter Stuff falls short in the same area as other gutter solutions do - longevity.

They have a 25 year no clog guarantee.

Peter 28 Nov 05

I’m a little unclear how foam is better than a fine mesh covering the gutter. If you have a whole bunch of leaves sitting on top of the foam won’t that block drainage just as much as if they were sitting on the mesh?

Gutter caps that make use of surface tension/adhesion to pull the water in seem to be the optimal (albeit more costly) solution. Can anyone compare and contrast?

JF 28 Nov 05

Hhe holes in mesh are as deep as the gutter — once a stem makes it through the hole, the entire stem will fall through. Foam has very small holes since it’s a “solid” object. A hole may only be 1/10 mm deep so things can’t get stuck and stay.

indi 28 Nov 05

After reading more on the site, it appears the foam is porous enough to let the grit from roof shingles wash through and down the gutter spout. Also the material is supposedly inherently resistent to growth of mold, fungus, etc. Sounds like a neat product. I can’t imagine installation being this easy for any other solution. I didn’t see any pricing, but it might be worth a try even as a throw-away trial on part of the roof.

Need More Info 28 Nov 05

What if it rains/sleets and then the temperature drops below freezing? Will the water-saturated foam turn to ice and bend/rip off the gutters?

brad 29 Nov 05

Will the water-saturated foam turn to ice and bend/rip off the gutters?

The foam doesn’t get saturated; it’s not absorbent. The water passes right through to the gutter below.

Andrew 29 Nov 05

My neighbor has this. It has worked for the last 3 years without a hitch. I have watched it in a heavy rain and the water never seems to overwhelm it. It does get leaves and sticks sitting on top of it, but they all are washed away when it rains. He paid $800 to have it installed on a 2,000 sf home.

Gardner 20 Jan 06

Hi all,
I see some of you have some Q?’s and I am more than happy to try to answer them for you as a canadian distributor for gutter stuff. Feel free to contact me via 514 737 9750 or 1-877-426-3569. I would love to help you know more about this product.

HandyANDY 31 Jan 06

Most gutter covers simply don’t work. Most anything that requires a “high-pressure” sales effort to make the sale, does not perform well in actuality. At least that is my experience. This insert seems like the best solution for gutter covers we’ve found so far & we will be trying it out on some of our buildings to see for ourselves before marketing to our clients. HandyANDY is Atlanta’s largest home repair & remodel company…..

barb 03 Feb 06

what about a 6’-12” snow collecting on top. when ir melts will it go thru the foam or melt and drip over the edge of the gutter?

Gutter Stuff in Canada 11 Feb 06

Well so far (3 years) we have had no blockages due to the functionallity of Gutter Stuff…it has held its own in our coldest to our hotest temps and is continuing to do so. Occasionally we do a service call just to ensure that it is working properly and it always proves itself. Even when the foam has pine needles and tree sap embeded on the surface. The Water handling capacity is impressive. We don’t hard sell. Product sells iteself, and now with more home construction companies installing as standard in new homes, The product is stamping itself on the market place in Canada.

Sue Davies 04 Mar 06

I too have had a foam insert installed at my home.
The name of the product is Gutter Filter.I did my homework and it seemed to be the best out there. I had an estimate from Gutter Stuff and Gutter Filter.Gutter Filter was the friendly ‘soft-sell’ with a seemingly better product and a better price!
It works like a charm and I would recommend Gutter Filter as I haven’t had to have my gutters cleaned!!
I live in Montreal and a company called Adam’s Eaves installed it.

Adams Eaves 07 Mar 06

Dear Sue, ?
Please do not list our company on this site as you have lied about getting a quote from gutter stuff. Gutter stuff is by far a superior product and we now insist on recommending it to all our clients. Gutter Stuff is the best GUTTER FILTER we have ever come across.
many thanks and see you next year when your gutters clog

G Nerr 10 Mar 06

I just love these completely honest and unbiased forums.
The best product out there is in fact a self-cleaning window made by Pilkington. End the need for window washers.

Nerr D 11 Mar 06

I have heard that these windows are amazing and never need window cleaning again. I have even heard of a system cleans the inside also. Sounds Great. You must be familliar with the way window steam up inbetween. Now theres a solution for that problem. Only problem is…what to choose from between gutter stuff and guter filter . I will go to there websites and see the differences to make my choice

DAVID D 13 Mar 06

This stuff is amazing.What a great,simplistic idea.

Gutter Filter 16 Mar 06

Yup, This GUTTER STUFF is truely the best gutter protection canada has to offer. It is not only a highly efficient gutter filter but it comes with a full product and utillity warranty for 25years. If it can handle the rain out here in BC, it can handle anything.

Cindy K 19 Apr 06

Can someone tell me the “real” difference between Leaf Defier, Gutterstuff, and Gutter Filter?

Anonymous Coward 21 Apr 06

Cindy here is the real difference between these products.
They all look fairly similar but come in different sizes and density.
I’m not sure of the dimensions of Leaf Defier but Gutter Stuff is 3.33” tall and 5” wide.Gutter Filter is now 4”tall and 5.25” wide.This extra height gives Gutter Filter a back to front slope which drastically reduces the possibility of debris accumulation. Leaf Defier and Gutter Stuff both have a flat profile. Gutter Filter also has UV inhibitors and BioCide to prevent mold and fungus. I’m sure G Stuff and Leaf Defier do too but in what amounts I’m not sure.
There is now 19% more material in Gutter Filter .Despite adding 19% more material,prices for Gutter Filter remain as low as always. Check out the websites and decide for yourself.You can see Gutter Filter at

Information Correction 21 Apr 06

1. Gutter Stuff is 3.86 inches tall and 5.20 inches wide
2. Leaf Defier is 3.95 inches tall and 5 inches wide
3. Gutter Stuff does NOT have a flat profile (generation III did / product now on generation IIII design)
4. Best advice for information is to have local suppliers/ reps come to you and show you the products. We strongly advise against taking too much faith on the information posted in this area by people just trying to compete in trivia with inacurate facts.

all lies 21 Apr 06

hi there,
just to let you all know that everything in here is lies…everyone is out to get you…the world is against you…dont believe anything and assume everything

Michael 20 May 06

I put the stuff on my two story house two years ago. I have maples, elms and oaks within eight feet of the home and the maples overhang the roof on two sides. My gutters were so full of leaves seeds, stems and such that I filled two fifty gallon trash cans two or three times a year with the junk. My gutters are clean and nothing seems to stay in the gutter for long. My vote is a resounding yes on gutter stuff. It even helped cut down on ice dams. I live in michigan and we get a lot of ice and snow that stays on the roof for weeks at a time.

Buy it or have a dealer install it, but besure to clean the gutters first and follow the simple directions to install it.

Harry Singer 12 Jun 06

We would appreciate some literature and a price list. Thanks very much ….Harry Singer

dadams14 15 Jun 06

How much is your foam. ?
Does it prevent seeds growing.?
How long is the warrantee?

Random User 19 Jun 06

It looks like the cost for most of this is about $5 per linear foot.
Not bad for the second story, but since I am probably moving to a new house in the next 2-3 years, looks like I might just head up to the roof 3 times a year to clean it out myself.
I little on the rich side for me.

But for some people (like my parents) this would be ideal, as it would create a maintenance free drainage system for their house.

Disgusted 23 Jun 06

I had my house sided, roofed and guttered with metal guards. They are useless. I am surrounded by Eastern White Pines and deciduous trees. The gutter guards actually acts as a trap for the pine needles and seeds. However, they don’t fall through. I’ll give them that much. Instead, they form a water barrier and the water pours off the houses as if there were no gutters at all. I had a water-free basement until now. Does anyone have experience with pine needles these gutter systems?

Happy Client 04 Jul 06

I suffered terrible blockages. Gutterstuff seems to be doing a great job. now in year 3.

Bob 05 Jul 06

My gutters would clog within a week of being cleaned (many large mature trees). After a month of being installed and torrential rains, it works like a champ. Took 1 hour to install 100’. I would recommend this to anyone.

Sandra 08 Jul 06

We have LOTS of pine trees. Often pine needles fall vertically and get stuck in holes point down. I have visions of lots of pine needles lodged in the foam. Does anyone have experience sith gutter stuff and pine needles? Also sticky sap falls from pine trees. How does gutter stuff work with pine needles and sap?

john 28 Sep 06

I made my own gutter filter by rollong up lengths of cobra ridge vent material and inserting in the gutters. Cost was about half of commercial quotes. Vent material is the mesh, not hard plastic. Results are great.

Tim 30 Sep 06

I’ve seen Gutter Stuff demonstarted at a national home show and I was really impressed. The water flow restriction os only 3% so it can handle the heaviest rain fall on any pitch roof! I got a sample and used my garden hose at full force and it shot right through it. I currently have a metal topper system that keeps the debris out but does a lousey job of catching the water. I’m in process of having them taken off and putting Gutter Stuff in. You can go to to find a local dealer.

Northernliving 30 Sep 06

I just installed Gutter-Champ ( I looked all over and priced out different products. The guy that I talked to at Gutter-Champ seemed to understand polymers and the different products. The price was about 1/2 of Gutter Stuff. I paid $2.98/ft + $20 shipping for 170LF. Gutter Stuff was in the $5-6$ range.

I live in the North East � in the woods with lots of oaks, maples, and white pines. Every time I cleaned my gutters, a week or two later they were plugged again; regardless of the time of year! I’ll provide an update after a few torrential rains!

Northernliving 30 Sep 06

I just installed Gutter-Champ ( I looked all over and priced out different products. The guy that I talked to at Gutter-Champ seemed to understand polymers and the different products. The price was about 1/2 of Gutter Stuff. I paid $2.98/ft + $20 shipping for 170LF. Gutter Stuff was in the $5-6$ range.

I live in the North East � in the woods with lots of oaks, maples, and white pines. Every time I cleaned my gutters, a week or two later they were plugged again; regardless of the time of year! I’ll provide an update after a few torrential rains!

kallie 10 Oct 06

Which is better gutter stuff or leaf defier? And why?
Is type of filter and cost the only difference