Happy Birthday Basecamp: 2 years old Jason 01 Feb 2006

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Basecamp is two years old today. We launched on Feb 1, 2004.

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Tyson Caly 01 Feb 06

Oh man, how the time can fly. I’ve been using this for 2 years? Loving every minute!

Geoffrey 01 Feb 06

Congrats! As a birthday gift I think I’ll upgrade from personal to basic! (And the part where I’m running out of room.)

Randy J. Hunt 01 Feb 06

Happy Birthday to the most mature 2 year-old I know.

JM 01 Feb 06

And we’re still waiting on that API ;)

pwb 02 Feb 06

I think it was a great call for 37signals to wind down consulting and instead actually create and market services. There are a lot of categories where you guys could innovate: CRM, help desk, workflow, bug tracking, etc.

pwb 02 Feb 06

Looks like someone might have already gotten there with SimpleTicket.net.

They went the other way, tho, making it a download instead of hosting it. I believe that over time, the ASP/hosting approach will succumb to users hosting these apps themselves. This is where I think Salesforce will get slammed once apps like SugarCRM generate some traction and users wonder why all their data is elsewhere and that they have little ability to customize.

Chad Sakonchick 02 Feb 06

I’m curious…how long did it take ya’ll to ramp up in regards to obtaining customers for basecamp? Did this blog already have a nice base of readership from which to pull from or did you have to market elsewhere? If elsewhere, how did you reach small businesses?

Doru Persinaru 06 Feb 06

2 yrs? And when i discovered basecamp back in september 2004 i had no idea what was all about.

Keep up doing great stuff.

Mr. Pillman 22 Feb 06

your need API? secret API :) use:
Your Google Web APIs license key is DWiVtGhQFHI5dRw8vulC9FpEsVRaJjoL