Happy First Birthday to Ta-Da List Jason 19 Jan 2006

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Ta-da List, the web’s simplest to-do list maker, turns 1 today (here’s the post that launched it)! Ta-da was the second product we launched (the first was Basecamp which we launched in Feb of 2004).

So far over 1,200,000 to-do items have been added to Ta-da. Check out 25 random public lists to see how some people are using it.

Thanks to everyone who uses Ta-da! We hope you continue to find it valuable.

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Eloy Anzola 19 Jan 06

Much congratulations!
It’s been a good solid year for 37signals. The web is better because of it.

Javier Cabrera(ClearYourMind) 19 Jan 06

a year already? oh man! congratulations to everyone in 37signals!
Hope you guys keep surprising us!

Javier Cabrera

Marcel Fahle 19 Jan 06

Congrats from germany!
You 37s guys make work much more comfortable!

Jay 19 Jan 06


I don’t use any of your products, but I am a big fan of your blog. I hope that the next year is as good to you as the last.

Ben Rowe 19 Jan 06

After listening to you on the Web 2.0 podcast this week, I decided to give Ta-Da a go.

And I’m hooked.


Adam James 19 Jan 06

Congrats, keep up the good work.

Rob Wilmshurst 19 Jan 06

A year already!?

Congratulations :)

Sam 19 Jan 06

Ta-Da has been awesome but lately we’ve been relying on the lists in Backpack more. Congrats!

Josh Peek 19 Jan 06

Hey Ta-Da List. Looks like we have the same b-day. Lets party together!

LOL, but really my birthday is today.

Joe Martinez 19 Jan 06

Oh cool. When are the other birthdays, like say Campfire and Sunrise?

Mrutz 19 Jan 06


Mark 20 Jan 06

Happy birthday, Ta-da List, and congratulations to the proud parents.

Mark 20 Jan 06

One of my most used applications, online or on the desktop. Superbly simple and reliable.

Thanks :)

Random list 20 Jan 06

Of course, there’s always “Things not to do”

Gordon 20 Jan 06

Hicky Burpday indeed.

Now that you are one are you going to ‘mature’?

anon 20 Jan 06

Lists? Active lists?

Ian 20 Jan 06

Hi Guys any chance you’d release some meaningful stats about Ta Da(and the other products for that matter), like how many customers you have, or how many lists have been constructed as opposed to the “hits” type stat of 1,200,000?

JF 20 Jan 06

Ian, don’t take this the wrong way, but why do you care? I’m just curious.

One of the advantages of being a private company is that we can keep important competitive numbers to ourselves. There are hundreds of thousands of people using our products, but we won’t give the per product breakdown, what percentage are paying, and what our revenues are.