Here we grow: Welcome two new Signals 21 Oct 2005

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We’re very excited to welcome two new people to the 37signals team: Sam Stephenson (the guy behind the Prototype Ajax library) and Marcel Molina. Both guys are part of the core Ruby on Rails team and genuinely nice guys (check out their Tumblelog).

We’re thrilled to have them on board (and David and Jamis are even more thrilled that they’ll have some programming help — two guys programming and maintaining four products has been a tall order). We have big plans for our existing products and three more in the works.

So, please join us in welcoming Sam and Marcel to 37signals!

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Elliott 21 Oct 05

Sam. Marcel.


Bob 21 Oct 05

So�where are you from?

David Demaree 21 Oct 05

I drink a Red Stripe in your honor. Mmm, refreshing like new Signals.

David 21 Oct 05


JF 21 Oct 05

Sam and Marcel are both in Chicago.

Deirdre Saoirse Moen 21 Oct 05

Congrats! Time to put their name in the sidebar, too. :)

Tim Uruski 21 Oct 05

Congratulations and welcome aboard. Can’t wait to see what new ideas are added to the mix. time for a weekend celebration!

Ray Irving 21 Oct 05

Congratulations you luck swines! I am sure you will keep up the great 37signals work.

Jamie 21 Oct 05

I was anxiously awaiting the return of EK and Carlos Segura (in reference to that podcast interview a couple days ago)!! Sorta like putting the band back together Blues Brothers style. I’m sure Sam and Marcel are equally good guys. Congrats to you all.

Michael Baehr 21 Oct 05

Congratulations Sam and Marcel.

Bob 21 Oct 05

Is seven still a “small team” ? =)

JF 21 Oct 05

Bob, 7 is bigger than 5 for sure, but with 4 products, a book on the way, 3 more products in the wings, and some other stuff we have planned we think 7 is quite small.

And we’re still sticking to our 3 people on v1 of whatever we build.

Nick G 21 Oct 05

Congratulations guys! Pretty soon you’ll need a bigger Chicago office…

David Heinemeier Hansson 21 Oct 05

It sure as hell ain’t. Which is why we would never dream of putting the whole company on a single team. So its a good fit that we already got 4 products and as many in the development pipeline. Even 4 people on a single project is pushing it. Now 3, that’s a good number ;)

Sam Stephenson 21 Oct 05

Thanks guys. Can’t wait to get started! :)

Marcel Molina Jr. 21 Oct 05

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. This is going to be fun.

JF 21 Oct 05

Can�t wait to get started!
This is going to be fun.

Kids these days are so naive!

atmos 21 Oct 05


Anonymous Coward 21 Oct 05

When I first saw Sam’s prototype library, it changed the way I looked at JavaScript - it was just that awsome.

IMO, he’s a better JS-wizard then PPK. But don’t tell anyone I said that ;)

Must be nice to be able to attract so much grade-A talent…

Kyle 21 Oct 05


Congrats to Sam and Marcel on the new jobs.

And congrats to the 37s for their continued growth and success.


brian breslin 21 Oct 05

congrats on the new hires. so what new projects should we be expecting? or did i miss the post that discussed this?

Brad 21 Oct 05

I’d say you made 2 extremely good decisions. Now you’re just one great idea away from world dominance.

Don Wilson 21 Oct 05

Once this company reaches 37 employees that will hold quite a unique definition regarding the history of the company. “Only 37 intelligent signals found” - how cool. ;)

Nate 22 Oct 05

Congratulations you two!

Michael 22 Oct 05

David, Jason,

Does this mean that the development of ProtoType will be brought to a halt? With Sam using his time on Signals-stuff?


David Heinemeier Hansson 22 Oct 05

Michael, if you look at history, it would suggest the contrary. I only released Rails after joining 37signals. Jamis released SwitchTower after doing the same. If anything, being part of 37signals seems to accelerate open-source contributions ;)

Don Wilson 22 Oct 05

Going from a home-based area to a business-type location for developers, at least myself, would definately boost my development process. I bring my laptop to school because I can get a lot more done in a shorter amount of time.

Andrew Lin 22 Oct 05

What an excellent surprise! Marcel, when you said that you were moving to Chicago, I had no idea of what was in the works ;)

Marcel, Sam, cheers to the both of you.

Andy 22 Oct 05

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Lesbian Guy 22 Oct 05

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Jan Korbel 23 Oct 05

Congratulations to you all (Sam end Marcel especially) and keep up the flow of great products, ideas and comments!

Flock Sucks 24 Oct 05

Anonymous Coward 24 Oct 05

Flock… seriously…

kryptonum 25 Oct 05

Sam. Marcel.


Can’t wait to get started!

Lennart 29 Nov 05

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