How Don embraces constraints Jason 11 Apr 2006

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Don loves driving his Spyder. But Don can’t drive until Don mulches his yard.

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be a knievel! 11 Apr 06

I am pretty sure the spyder could make it over or through that mound of mulch. Do it Don… jump it!

CR 11 Apr 06

Listen, Don has a nice clean yellow Spyder. Last thing Don wants is to dirty up Don’s Spyder trying to do something stupid like jumping Don’s mulch pile. Jeez!

Nick 11 Apr 06

Is there any value to creating constraints rather than embracing ones that already exist? Don’s “can’t drive unless I mulch” constraint obviously is one that didn’t exist before he had the mulch placed there.

Adam 11 Apr 06

Don can store all the mulch in his Spyders trunk, all 1.5 cu ft. of space.

Don Schenck 11 Apr 06

Problem is, it’s eight cubic yards of mulch, and it all has to go up hill!.

If anyone wants to help, there’s gourmet food, Maker’s Mark and good cigars to go around! *smile*

Todd Moy 11 Apr 06

@Nick: I think that there is a lot of value in creating artificial constraints as a way to stimulate creativity. For example, if I’m beginning to work on an idea, it’s easy to get derailed by having too many options, too many possibilities. This is especially noticable in the early stages of design where the end goal is fuzzy. Tossing in a few artificial constraints—or parameters, if you will—forces you to narrow down the field of options. In some cases, these constraints may be broken. The breaches, though, are done for a particular reason which also further defines the goal by what it is not.

Chris 11 Apr 06

Don, if I were in your neck of the woods I’d take you up on that offer. That’s not too much mulch and I could skip my workout.

Dennis Bullock 11 Apr 06

It’s a no go……somebody get him a shovel.

Mike 12 Apr 06

Who’s Don?

victor 12 Apr 06

spiders like to live around mulch, don’t they?

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