Hungry? 20 May 2005

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I’m still trying to figure out why there’s only two slices of cheese. Surely anyone wolfing this down would appreciate a slice between beef square one and two and another slice between two and three.

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SH 20 May 05

*SO* gross.

Simon Jessey 20 May 05

Been there. Done that. Got fries with it.

Sheldon Kotyk 20 May 05

I just had a heart attack looking at that.

SparqMan 20 May 05

I wish that it looked that way when you got it.

Dan 20 May 05

That really looks disgusting. One can feel the cholesterol rising…

Craig 20 May 05

How do you fit that in your mouth? Do you have to jump up and down on it first?

JamesZ 20 May 05

ok, that’s disgusting.

Adam Thody 20 May 05

It’s this kind of thing that makes me want to re-visit vegetarianism…

Scott M. 20 May 05

Burger branding. I immediately knew it was a Wendy’s burger b/c of the square patties.

If only this had been around when I was 15 and my metabolism was so high I could eat massive amounts of anything. Er, scratch that…

Dammit, Fried! There’s a Wendy’s 6 blocks north of me on Lawrence. Hmm, wife out of town, must resist…should buy Supersize Me on DVD…

Anonymous Coward 20 May 05

really hungry?

Nicholas 20 May 05

Oh man I saw that yesterday when I ate lunch there. They list how much meat is in them. mine, was just a 1/4 lb, the double is a 1/2 pound, the triple is 3/4 OF A POUND!

Maybe they’re trying get to the Atkins people? it’s got bacon on it too right?

Jason Clarke 20 May 05

Totally unrelated, but FYI: Your promo blurb for Defensive Design on the Web contains a typo. (Hopefully the book doesn’t!) “Desiging” needs an “n.”

Jeremy Flint 20 May 05

I think you may have farked the Wendy’s web server by linking directly to the image.

Randy Peterman 20 May 05

Just count your fingers before and after eating. And apparently the fingers of people who owe you some debt of some sort. [sorry]

Brad 20 May 05

Something about the wording in Jason’s post reminded me of this story:

A signpainter finishes painting a sign for a pub in Devon, UK, called The Pig and Whistle. He takes it to the owner, who looks at it and says, “Well, it looks nice but I would have liked a bit more space between Pig and and and and and Whistle.”

English is an amazing language, isn’t it, where you can have five “and’s” in a row in a sentence and it makes perfect sense.

Caleb Jaffa 20 May 05

I wasn’t there, but true story. Awhile back Wendy’s would let you double the beef for .89 cents. I had a friend that got a triple and doubled the beef. He ate most of it, but has forever since then been averse to large quantities of meat.

William H. Harle Jr. 20 May 05

Come on, its only 59 grams of fat. A Burger King Original Double Whopper with cheese is 56 grams. McDonalds cant even compete with its Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese, at a mere 47 grams of fat. Think, you are getting an extra quarter pound of meat in a Triple for only 12 grams of fat more. Double Whoppers are excellent, but nothing grosses out your friends like downing a Wendy’s Triple. Plus who can say no to square burgers?

Jeni 20 May 05

Suddenly, soy burgers sound truly appealing again. There’s something to be said for not keeling over from a heart attack immediately after lunch.

V 20 May 05

If I’m not mistaken, I think the commercial actually says it’s 48 square inches of beef. That is 4 FEET OF BEEF. Blecch.

Eamon 20 May 05

I absolutely love the Wendy’s triple (without cheese) and I don’t mind saying so. And now that you can get a baked potato instead of fries, well, I’m just in heaven.

Mike D. 20 May 05

I think if you put the two slices between the three patties instead of outside of them, it would look a bit more filled out. I think that’s how it’s actually done at Wendy’s if I’m not mistaken… but then again, I always order without the cheese.

Jason 20 May 05

Everytime I see that ad, I want to vomit.

PJ Hyett 21 May 05

That takes me back to open lunches in high school. Oh to be able to eat whatever I want again…

Anonymous Coward 21 May 05

I want to have sex with that sandwich.

beta 21 May 05

We need Wendys here in Germany! RIGHT NOW! I miss square paddies. I really miss them.

Guess what I am going to explore next to WWDC this year. ;-)

Square Paddies for the masses!!!


Dylan 21 May 05

See, blaming the fat is a common misconception. Our bodies are designed to handle fat, even 59 grams of it. As long as you aren’t eating a triple more than once a week, you’re fine.

The problem is in the fries. Fries are cooked in Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (aka Vegetable Oil Shortening) which is basically vegetable oil converted into a solid using a process nearly identical to the process that is used to make plastic. The final product bears a chemical structure quite similar to plastic and the body has huge difficulty processing it. Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil has been closely linked to heart disease. Public awareness is now on the rise and manufacturers are now switching to less toxic oils.

Jarkko 21 May 05

Those are beefs? Look a lot like German rye bread to me…

kmilden 22 May 05

Wow. Will it ever end? What is next - two double cheese burger combo that is super sized. Enough is enough.

Mooo 22 May 05

According to “Fast Food Nation” and Frontline’s “Modern Meat,” this and any other hamburger can contain meat from hundreds, if not thousands, of cattle.

Mike 23 May 05

Look at all of those onions! Who could eat such a thing, I’d have onion breath all day.

Anj 23 May 05

From Brad’s “Pig and Whistle” story — the worst case I’ve ever seen in English is this (fairly contrived) repetition of ‘had’ eleven times. I’ve seen this in puzzle form, where you’re presented with the words and have to add the punctuation to make it sensible.

John, while Mary had had “had”, had had “had had”. “Had had” had had a better effect on the teacher.

Pete Prodoehl 23 May 05

My advice, eat a burger made of organic bison meat… Way healthier for you, and way more tasty! (Downside: way more expensive as well…) And as mentioned above, avoid hydrogenated oils!

[m] 23 May 05

Wow, that looks rather tasty!

Finally, no need for me to buy 2 double pounders just to quench my appetite.

I need to move to America.

supermoo 23 May 05

Perhaps it�s a matter of structural integrity. Adding cheese between paddies 1-2 and 2-3 might cause the burger slump off to one side. No, there�s just no substitute for paddy on paddy stability.

craig 23 May 05

When you watch the commercial check out the fake ketchup. Look closely!

Bryan Veloso 23 May 05

Just ate it today… whew.

Peter 27 May 05

I think they are just trying to be calorie conscious by cutting out some of the cheese… and trying to remain symmetrical ;-)

Bryan 31 May 05

The reason for the layout of the cheese is to save money. Layering them between the patties would mean using 3 slices of cheese. But putting one on either end only means using 2 slices. When you’re talking about millions of burgers it adds up and most people never notice.

Destiny Hamm 31 Oct 05

hey if you people are really hungy eat some nutirous food, duh! Dont go for the fast food. Think right!

GL 03 Nov 05

Sorry for the late and out-dated post. Just to clarify, I doubt the assertion made in the post by “Caleb Jaffa 20 May 05”. My friends and I tried this back in 2000 and we were told they were not allowed to do it. For us college kids, it would have been an awesome deal. In any case, we wanted to double the meat in a triple and were told they couldn’t do it. In fact, they said that the most number of patties they could put on a burger was 3. So naturally doubling the patties on a double wouldn’t be allowed either. Sadly, the “double” the meat for 89 cents really only works on a single burger. One friend has not returned to Wendy’s since … I, on the other hand, abandoned the boycott years ago.

Jose Camacho 22 Feb 06

I can’t beleive people are saying this is disgusting I love this burger I only wish it had bacon I’ve had two of these on several occasions! I am somewhat of a “big eater” but I’m lifting weights now so I can’t eat that stuff anymore its a shame here’s some of my feats I have accomplished I’ve eaten 4 big macs, 3 whoppers, 12 small cheeseburgers(mcdonalds), 2 1/2 subway footlongs, 40 chicken nuggets, 50 chicken nuggets, and 60 chicken nugggets oh and of course each of these meals were with pepsi. you think I’m like 400 pounds don’t you? Well not exactly you can check at

anonymous 25 Jun 06

That is really disguisting. I tried a double burger yesterday and my burger ended up with the whole paper wrapper soaked in oil. When I forced myself to eat it, it tasted like crap, too salty.

I’m never going to Wendy’s again after that.