In the future I will know who I was. SamB 04 Jan 2006

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pablo 04 Jan 06


cf 04 Jan 06

please no more drawings.

Jamie Tibbetts 04 Jan 06

please no more drawings.

If you don’t want to see the drawings, just don’t view Sam’s posts. It’s pretty easy - they all begin with “In the future…” Easy enough? Good.

Keep up the good work, Sam. This one’s my favorite.

indi 04 Jan 06

please more drawings.

“In the future I will draw more.”

Rabbit 04 Jan 06

This one’s pretty freaky - even with minimal blood.

I like it.

Brad Sorensen 04 Jan 06


In the future I will meet SamB and we will share a pint.

In the present I will pine for the future

In the past I will miss opportunities to become famous, rich and beautiful.

Rabbit 04 Jan 06

Sam does have a job. A damn good one if you ask me.

Sam, is that your site? I want a shirt!

Rabbit 04 Jan 06

Oops! I believe I have confused Sam S. with Sam B.!

mei 05 Jan 06

Could someone explain me that draw ? I’m serious, I don’t get it but I want to. Thx

Rob W 05 Jan 06

I think the lack of blood makes it really freaky.

I love these drawings.

Steve Akers 05 Jan 06

In the future no one can hear you scream.

Anonymous Coward 05 Jan 06

In the future I’ll love the people I love

James Craig 05 Jan 06

CF wrote: “Please no more drawings.”

In the future, everyone will love my art and fear my power.

Steve Akers 05 Jan 06

In the future, all comments will be censored.

Steve Akers 05 Jan 06

In the future, will be nearly as awesome as

Julian 06 Jan 06

In the future, I will listen to and view all this stuff I downloaded.

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