In the future, I will wear pants. SamB 08 Dec 2005

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Ernie Oporto 08 Dec 05

I keep trying to tell people that wearing pants is overrated, but they just keep calling the police for public indecency. What’s the fuss?

Aaron Kuzemchak 08 Dec 05

To continue the headline…

but for the time being I’m free!

Diego 08 Dec 05

Each one of this drawings is getting stronger my decision on deleting your feed from my Bloglines :S

WTF?! Wasn’t this a usability and design blog????

Glen C. 08 Dec 05

Diego, appreciate art for art’s sake for crying out loud. And the usability of pants is paramount to our existence.

I love you, Sam. Your drawings are the best. If only there were an rss feed on your site. ahem

Ryan Mahoney 08 Dec 05

Yeah Diego… if you are going to unsubscribe, just do it. Does there really need to be a public announcement? Maybe you should send out a press release or something…

Diego 08 Dec 05

It’s just that I don’t want to unsuscribe, but neither I want 5 senseless posts a day from one blog that it used to be one of my favourites some time ago.

That’s why I’m going public, take it like a vote, or feedback.

Jason 08 Dec 05

Rediclious Diego!

Adam James 08 Dec 05

Reminds me my morning routine.. do work for a few hours on the computer then make the decision to put pants on.

Diego.. chill out. It’s only a weblog.

Mel R. 08 Dec 05

Pants are /always/ optional. :D

And I vote that Diego lighten up - we’re only on this rock for a short period of time - break up the sadness with some levity.



P.S. Keep Drawing!

grumpy 08 Dec 05

sorry, I have to side with diego… the drawings are bad and the captions are not funny.

shane 09 Dec 05

Diego de tool and grumpity grump don’t get caught with your pants down…

Play it Sam!

Drew Pickard 09 Dec 05

I cast a vote “Yes!” for silly comics about not wearing pants.

Rob Wilmshurst 09 Dec 05

Sh][t. I thought I was getting some funny looks at work this morning. Thanks for the heads up!

Eloy Anzola 09 Dec 05

Sam, this is beautiful!

Jeremy Baines 09 Dec 05

Love the work Sam!

Diego, In the words of the 37 Signals:

“Signal vs. Noise, a weblog by 37signals about design, customer experience, entertainment, politics, Basecamp, products we like, small business, ourselves, and more”

And this is much much more!

Nick 09 Dec 05

Jeremy, I thought less was more.

DaveMo 09 Dec 05

In the future I will complain more about less.

In the future I will wonder what I did today.

In the future time will be irrelevant.

qwerty 09 Dec 05

In the future, we will take vacations on the moon. In the future, there will be an ATM connection to every desktop. In the future, everyone will code Haskell for 15 minutes.

Found on fridge in Harvard’s EECS department.

Jeremy Baines 09 Dec 05

Nick: More is the new less!

john 09 Dec 05

Sam you are a genius…You have inspired me to start drawing again. Keep up the good work!

In the future I will have a website to display my drawings.

MH 09 Dec 05


What about the drawings makes them “bad?”

The captions are not always meant to be funny, and the artist doesn’t write them—he makes the drawings in response to them.

DaveMo 09 Dec 05

In the future serious will be silly

In the future the past will be modern

In the future I’ll have a “real job”

In the future my checkbook will balance

In the future I won’t need money

In the future my boss will work for me

In the future spam will be good

In the future everyone will laugh at you

In the future my brain will do all my housework

In the future socks will be obsolete

In the future underware won’t be under

Anonymous Coward 09 Dec 05

In the future buildings will grow on their own

Ryan Ripley 09 Dec 05

In the future, sarcasm will be punishable by death

poo happens 09 Dec 05

I want that art (and title) on a tshirt. I will wear it to work.

I don’t need to be understood to be appreciated.

tk 13 Dec 05

i’m with poo!

Cream of Wheat 14 Dec 05

Gotta go with Diego here.

In the future, SamB will stop posting noise and I might re-sub to the feed.

jeena 15 Dec 05

it’s so stupidly hilarious! thanx for the comic relief.